Monday, June 23, 2008

Amazingly Awesome

I had to include this video first, because who would have thought that a group of girls who have to do their hair and makeup before a big day like this would have made it to the top!  Honestly though, I could not have had a better group to go with.  Tina, my sister-in-law started planning this whole thing about 4 months ago I think.  She had everything planned out perfectly including cooking a lasagna beforehand, bringing it with her so that we could have a delicious meal after the hike.  So thank you Tina for bringing us all together to make the experience a memorable one!

When I said in the previous post that I had to get things organized before posting any more, I actually meant that Garrett had to get things organized so that he could work his magic and make another one of his masterpieces.  I had seen videos of the Half Dome climb on You Tube before going, and knew that I wanted my own video to post.  So I brought the video camera and took as many shots as I could.  I had put it away right before going up the cables thinking I needed to have my hands free, but it was so slow going because of the crowds that I got it out about ten steps up and kept it around my wrist the rest of the way just incase there was anything I had to capture.   Garrett has finished his masterpiece and has posted it on You Tube and on his Web Gallery, so you can see it either place.  

I have more to write, but I have to go to work for a little while to make up for some lost hours while I was huffing and puffing up the mountain.  I will write more! 



Tasha: Wow...............we saw your awesome pictures and videos made into yet another GREAT masterpiece movie by Garrett. Loved it all................the stills, the videos you took and having it all put to the great music was super!! I loved the shots of the falls, the deer, the top of Half Dome and oh yes my favorite part the cables, yikes!!
I think I would have been frozen to them and would have had to be airlifted off. Anyway an incredible accomplishment for you gals. This is such a neat movie and one that you will so great to play back in years to come. Love you all, Susan & Dennis

Rochelle said...

Tasha, Tasha! If I could grab you through the computer and hug you - I would. Just another one of our adventures as friends. I wouldn't wanted to have done it without you. We are so strong individually, but as a group of friends -we are even stronger! I love you and I'm glad we made it! Ain't no mountain high!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to plan it and much more happy that I got to experience it with you. Your quiet strength is beautiful and I have no doubt that you will be able to run your marathon!
Much love,
P.S. Tell Garrett awesome job with the video!

Grandma Dee said...

What a fun trip and a big accomplishment. I cannot believe you had the presence to film it. I think the deer was good luck cause all of you made it. Looked pretty steep. Great job on the editing and music, Garrett.
Love you lots,

The Belitz Family said...


All I can say is that the video of your climb was so inspiring! It makes me want to climb Half Dome myself someday. It looks so beautiful. - Kim