Saturday, June 28, 2008

Big Kids

Today we drove down to Huntington Beach to celebrate a birthday for Micah, the son of Garrett's long time friend Mark.  There has become an annual tradition of a water balloon fight that occurs at each of these parties.  Garrett and Mark have proven to be the biggest of kids because although I am sure the little ones enjoy the water balloons, it is really Garrett and Mark who can't wait to nail each other with a big SPLAT!  


Grandma Dee said...

Boys will be boys, and men will be men. I don't think there is much difference there. Glad to see you still have fun.
Glad I wasn't there for you to smash me over the head with one in our jacuzzi tub. Super memories of Matt locking Garrett out on the roof and of course, the time Garrett broke his hand slamming it on the front door.
Again, boys will be boys. Great days of summer. Love, Grandma Dee

Paula said...

Great pictures, Tasha! How neat for the little guys to see the daddies having so much fun, too. :)
Also, to realize that these guys have been friends since 7th grade and can model how important friends are to our lives! Glad you had such a fun day.
Love, Paula