Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Reads

Today was going to be my one morning to sleep in.  I didn't set my alarm, but who do you think came in a 5:50 insisting that his bed and p.j.s were wet from water?  And once I'm awake I usually can't fall asleep.  So, I've made some tea and am going to read.  I have finally discovered the joy of reading.  Some of you may have gotten an e-mail from me about this week about the "Goodreads" website.  It's been fun thinking about the books I've read.  I'm not much for books that make me work to get through one sentence.  I read to get away and if I have to think to much then it makes me fall asleep.  I think that's why I never was into reading growing up because reading was always related to school work and I never learned the joys of it (sorry Matt, I'm sure you made reading fun for your students!).  But now that the boys are getting older I've found that they can entertain themselves for a little while and I can actually read during the day instead of waiting until they go to bed and then I fall asleep.  

Anyway, I'm gonna go read now, but feel free to recommend some books for me to try out.  I go to the library almost weekly with the boys and am always looking for a new good book.

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I did receive your message about reading. I seem to be the only one in our family that has never really read very much. I know it is very relaxing but I tend to get so into a book that nothing else gets done. I am not sure what types of books you like but I did see some good suspense book in this past Sundays Parade magazine. They are Rules of Deception, Illegal Action, The Broken Window, Stalking Susan and A Job to Kill For. Let me know if you read any of them and if they are good. Maybe I will pick one up again, soon. Love to all, Susan