Friday, August 8, 2008

Aquatic Center

Another busy day yesterday.  I think that I am trying to pack in as much fun as possible now that I know our summer is coming to an end faster than originally planned.  We started off the day at the park, but since it was already about 95 degrees out at 10 a.m. yesterday, we didn't stay long.  Long enough to hit the baseball around a little bit and for Kevin to make a new "lego friend", who was another boy that likes lego about as much as Kevin.

After lunch we headed to the Aquatic Center.  We probably hadn't been there in two years and Kevin surprised me by not only going down the big water slide but also passing the swimming test for the big dive pool (swim all the way across without stopping), and then continuing on to jump off the high dive.  I was so proud of him!  After jumping off the first time he said, "That scared me to death", but then he continued to jump off two other times.  

Unfortunately the only bad part about yesterday was that they had to close the play area pool early due to "unsafe water conditions".  You can guess what that means, gross!  Hopefully we will not be getting sick from that water!!  

Sorry about the quality of the pictures.  I forgot my camera so I used my iPhone (yes, I got Garrett's hand me down iPhone).  


Grandma Dee said...

You guys are having the best summer. What a wonderful mom you are, Tasha. And Kevin, I CANNOT believe that you jumped off the high dive. Just looking at you getting ready to climb up the big ladder was so scarey. I am so proud of you for having the courage to do that. You are very brave. Kevin is such a good swimmer, no surprise that he passed the big pool test. What a great summer memory the boys will have from this experience (except for the pool "brown out"). School gonna be a let down after all that fun. Good for you guys. Love, Grandma Dee

Rochelle said...

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe he jumped off that high. I wish you lived closer because I know Brandon and Kevin would hit it off. They have alot in common - like being little fish in water! Brandon loves to swim too. Can't wait to see you soon. Disneyland here we come!


Oh my gosh my legs feel like jello watching Kevin start his climb up the ladder AND then jumping off. Kuddos to you Kev, you are very brave!! Sounds like a fun for you all. Let me know if my thought for the boys coming down at the end of the month will work. Love to all, Susan, Namie & Mennis