Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zach Time

It's been a little strange having just Zach around in the mornings.  The boys became pretty good playmates this summer, which was a relief to me because although I enjoy spending time with them I don't always like to play superman!  So now that Kevin's back in school I think Zach is missing his playmate.  He is pretty good at entertaining himself, but I've been trying to do my best to give him my attention too.



Oh my gosh Zachie is just the cutest!! Received a text from Garrett that he and Zach are at the Dodger game, how fun!! Watching the game now to see if the camera zooms in on the cute guys enjoying the ballgame together.

Hope you are feeling better from your fall. Love you all, Susan

Sandy said...

How nice that the boys are such good friends. Hopefully, Zach will be ready for pre-school now that his buddy isn't around.
See you all soon.
Love, Sandy