Monday, August 18, 2008

Pain Is Temporary

"Pain is temporary, but quiting is forever."  This is what I hear Lance telling me once a week as I listen to his training run on my iPod.  This week I endured some pain as I had a nice trip over a speed bump and scraped up my shoulder and arm.  The day after I felt like I had been knocked around in the ring.  I had barely gotten down the street with Dodger so I was disappointed when I couldn't even do my run that morning.  But I was happy no one was around to see me fall!  

So with that little mishap and having Kevin start back to school it was a slow week for running.  But here goes anyway:

Monday:  3.0
Tues: 5.2
Wed: 1/4 mile - ouch!
Thurs: 3.0
Fri: 0
Sat: 10
Sun: 0

I'll try and get some more interesting pictures up soon.  Not much else to write about for now!


Rochelle said...

How sad! My heart goes out to you. I swear it hurts so much worse as adults when we fall. It seems when we were little it didn't hurt as much. Keep on truckin!



The more you run the more you'll fall. My two most memorable falls were....cruising along the beach parking lot at Hole-In-The-Fence in Capo Beach, it was getting dark and I tripped on a speed bump...pavement is hard stuff! The all timer was one early morning, while running next to a golf course, I turned my head to watch a golfer hit his shot, and I ran smack-dab into a fire hydrant. Pavement is hard but hydrants are harder. I went down, laid there for a while, and walked home. Lesson for you, keep running and keep your eyes and ears WIDE open.


Anonymous said...

Sister, I'm sorry you fell! I'm trying this running thing so I can run in the San Jose half marathon with you and I'm having lots of pain! I couldn't even run last week at all because my feet, knees and hips felt totally sore. Do you think I'm going to get to the point where I don't feel 77 years old? I don't understand how I can exercise so much and still have such a hard time running. I did jog again yesterday (only 5 miles) and my body is ok today. So that is encouraging. love, Tina

Sandy said...

Tasha, I have to tell you about my fall. I was running on the sidewalk with my running partner, talking and not paying attention to what I was doing. I fell and was bleeding in so many places I didnt' know where to put my hands. When I went to school the next day, a friend started laughing and said, "You did that running." She was a runner and had experienced something similar.
Joe was running on dirt, tripped on a rock and did a somersault and landed on his feet. Welcome to the world of running.
Love Sandy and Joe

Grandma Dee said...

Hey kiddo,
I remember when I was training for my half marathon and my boss who was a 2hr, 47 min PV marathoner said he would run it with me to keep me motivated. Well, he did and it helped a bunch. Part of he deal, though was that I would help him move stuff into his new condo. Unfortunately, it was before the half. While helping him carry a grandfather clock up the stairs, I heard and felt a pull in my knee. I couldn't believe I could be that stupid. Oh, well, I made the half. By the way, I still have the creak/squeek in my knee to this day. When Kevin and I were walking down our stairs last time he was here, he said what is that squeeking. Yep, same knee. Good for you for hanging in there. love you, Denise

Garrett said...

Whew, Denise, if I had a nickel for everytime I offered to exercise with one of my female subordinates then had her come to my house and help me lug a grandfather clock up my stairs, I'd be a millionare!!!!!!!!