Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back To School

Remember back in June, when school was just out, and I said that this summer the mornings were going to be filled with some kind of educational activity or art?  Well, now it's August and we are finally getting around to doing that.  On Monday the boys wanted to pretend they were in preschool, which was fun except for the baby voices they both decided they needed to use.  We did arts and crafts, played with play dough, learned about shapes, and made homemade english muffin bread for a snack.   Today they amazingly were already in Kindergarten where we learned about letters and then took some field trips.  One trip to the free movies to see Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium followed by Cold Stone ice cream.  Then in the afternoon we took a trip to the library where a ranger was showing the kids all kinds of animals, insects, and reptiles.  A fun day of "kindergarten" I would say.  Almost makes me think I could homeschool these boys.......no, not really.

In the midst of all of this pretend schooling though Garrett and I have been discussing Kevin's real schooling.  We had decided to put him in a private school this year but after months of thinking about this we started changing our minds.  Now, his old school starts next week.  The new school would start in September.  So we needed to make up our minds.  Thinking, talking, thinking, talking.  Ok, so we came to a decision and Kevin will be returning to his old school next Wednesday.  So tomorrow we are going on a date, Kevin and I, to do some back to school shopping.  (And yes, Susan and Sandy, this means we need to discuss the plans we had made for the end of the month.)  I'm feeling good about our decision and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Kevin's feeling good too (after the shock of finding out school starts next week).  


Rochelle said...

I feel for you. I know exactly what you mean about making decisions for your kids and constantly going back and forth. It's funny because I just blogged about that before reading yours. It's nice to know that other mothers have the same thoughts and feelings that I do.

Grandma Dee said...

I know that this was a difficult decision for all of you. Only a parent can know what is best for his/her child. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Love to you all, Grandma Dee

Paula said...

Glad you had peace about your decision...that is so important.

Your blog about them going from preeschool to magically being in kindergarten made me smile! How did they like "Mrs. Riley"..their new teacher? :)

Hugs to all, Paula