Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dorm Days

Garrett's brother, Mike, left yesterday for Colorado where he will be a Freshman at Colorado University.  It's such an exciting time for him and it got me thinking about how 16 years ago I was heading off to Chico.  Here are some of the memories that came to mind last night:
*I loved getting letters from my friends and family.  I did not have e-mail or even know much about the Internet or computers at the time so I actually went off to school with all kinds of cards and pretty paper so I could write letters.  And then would get nice surprises, like the envelope in the picture above, that were so colorful and made me smile! (Yes, I've kept all the letters and read them every so often)
*The first day we moved into the dorm, I was 17 and I had no idea who my roommate would be.  She turned out to be a friend of a friend from Santa Rosa and I was so happy to have someone that I sorta knew.
* I was in the "academic/transfer" dorm which was supposedly a more studious dorm.  Really you could just call it the "nerd" dorm.
*I gained my freshman 15 by eating french toast sticks, omelets, and drinking whole milk during my first semester.  When I came back from Christmas break and I started running on the track and eating salads.
*I joined InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and we had weekly bible studies in our dorm room and every Friday night was Large group with all of the bible study groups from around campus.  
* I don't think I ever went to a "real" party.  Never once got drunk.  But I still had fun doing other things.
* My friend, Steve, and I along with another guy that I don't remember, took a road trip to Oregon one evening, just for fun.  We drove up just past the border, had some Little Ceasar's Pizza, and then turned around and came back.
* I stayed up later that I was used to and fell asleep in several of my classes.  My mom took me to the doctor thinking I was anemic.  The doc said I probably just needed more sleep!
* I had visits from friends from Santa Rosa every once in a while.  One time some friends drove up and about an hour after they left they were back after rolling his Miata, swerving out of the way for a raccoon. I can't remember how they got back home....I think his mom had to drive up.
* I played Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday mornings.  One of the few girls out there, I probably just did it to meet the boys (like Garrett).

That's all I can think of for now.  I remember having a lot of fun and I know Mike will too, probably more than I did!  What are your favorite college memories?


Garrett said...

..........Crazy Mechoopda dorm
..........Ultimate frisbee
..........going to lasalles,
..........Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
...........Aca Taco
...........Ken Burns Marathons
...........Road Trips
...........More dorm craziness

but best of all ....meeting The author of the world famous "life of the rileys" and then marrying her


Well I went to Mt. San Antonio J.C. for 2 years. I don't like to admit it BUT my favorite subject was having fun and going to parties. I was not the student by any means. Therefore I went into the airlines when I was 20. No regrets there. However my fondest memory of college was going to a frat. party (party again)that a frat house from Cal Poly Pomona was having. AND it was there that I met Dennis. Not quite love at first sight. Several months later I was driving home through Cal Poly (the longest way home) and who do I see boarding the bus for a baseball road trip but Dennis. I waved, he waved and a few weeks later he called me. So that was the highlight, for sure. A fun 2 years. Then off to American Airlines University as we use to call it and the next 35 years are history. Love reading yours and Garretts, Tasha. Love ya, Susan

P.S. We, too wish Mike the best. What a beautiful place to be going to school.

Save your Fork said...

Hey, I think that was the letter that I wrote you. And I remember those road trips up to visit you. Ahhh....the good ol days! Love ya Tash

Grandma Dee said...

I loved being in the sorority in college. My friends are still my best friends. Tish was my debutante friend who ended up buying property on the beach in Spain and opening a grill and beach rental. Kirby was my good buddy. I was in both of her weddings and her daughter is my Goddaughter. Karen and Kathy and I were the 3 Musketeers in college and we now just got back from a weekend together (after 39 years of friendship). I loved living with a ton of young women, do kidnap breakfasts, hitting fraternity parties, freaking out during finals and raiding the kitchen in the house after hours. We had a really cool Housemother who had been married to the Belgian ambassador from the United States. She taught us all about etiquette and how to be ladies. College was some of my very best years of learning and fun. Love, Denise