Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

So we've been quite busy around here and as usual we've been making the holiday last longer than its typical one day.  So I just have a bunch of pictures to share before getting Kevin off to school.  Zach is on spring break this week, or as he says, "I'm not going back for a long, long time."  And my mom is here this week to visit and help out. 

These first pics are from Thurs. when Aunt Susan came up and made Easter Bunny cakes with the boys.  She brought up all the stuff to make two cakes so each one could have their own.  Then we kept one at our house, while the other traveled back down with her so that we could have it on Easter Sunday.  
Zach's favorite part, tasting everything. 

On Friday we had an egg hunt with the MOMS club.  The boys had fun finding eggs and playing at the park.  And we were able to bring our cake to the party to share.

We dyed our eggs on Saturday.  I told Zach we were coloring eggs, so before I could even get the dyes out he had his marker out and colored his whole egg pink.

And Easter morning.  The boys found eggs that the Easter bunny had left around the house, as well as their baskets.  Then we were off to church, followed by a trip down to Namie's house for a yummy brunch and then back up to our house, where my mom greeted us. 
We need a weekend to recover from our weekend!  Fun, Fun, Fun!

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It was so much fun baking and decorating the cakes with the boys and you, Tasha. I was sorry that Namie couldn't make it as she had a little bug. Anyway the cakes turned out cute and who can forget the boys with their chocolate/yellow cake mustaches and frosting ones too. Easter was alot of fun watching the boys find their hidden eggs and enjoying our time together with a yummy brunch. It meant so much to Mom to have all of us there. Also Dennis said that Kevin and Zach are the cutest boys in the world.....................which they are. Bundles of fun and energy.

Have a wonderful week with your Mom and please pass on our hellos to her. Love you all, Susan