Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Check In

Daylight savings time is going to throw a little wrench into my 6 a.m. runs.  Good thing I haven't been too consistent on this anyway!  So here's my rundown for the past week:
Mon. - 7
Tues. - 4
Wed. - 7
Thurs. -3
Fri. - 0
Sat. 7.5 (in Mammoth, with the altitude and hills....I think this should count as at least 10, but it was a run/walk)
Sun. - Skiing

Total - 28.5

Today I am hoping to go for a hike as soon as I get my new key made up.  Have a great Monday everyone!


Grandma Dee said...

Hey, good for you. That's a lot of miles in one week. I bet it was fun to ski again. Love the mountains but the altitude is a bit of a challenge sometimes. Hope that you and I can cross-country ski together sometime. Wish I had checked in last Monday as I worked out every day that week including downhill skiing on Friday and cross-country on Saturday with a 3 mile walk on Sunday. Last week only got in 3 2-mile walks and an hour and a half walk at the zoo on Tuesday. Did yoga class this a.m. and it was a good workout. Will check in on Monday.
Glad you had fun in Mammoth. It is a little bit of heaven up there.
Love you all,
Grandma Dee

Akinol said...

See Here


Scratch this week for me Tasha. With Jean in town I didn't get a single mile in. Hoping to start in again in a few days. Love ya