Monday, March 3, 2008

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Yesterday the cub scouts went to San Pedro to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.  We actually didn't spend a lot of time in the museum, but rather spent time at the tide pools. It was interesting seeing the boys reactions to the different things we saw.  It reflected their personalities as we would see each new thing.  Kevin, being more reserved and not interested in trying a lot of new things, would point something out and then immediately say, "Zach, you want to touch it?"  Zach, having a more adventurous spirit, was willing to touch anything and everything that he was presented with while Kevin watched on with a smile on his face.  
Those are some cute grunions.
Standing on the inside of a fish tank.

We found a little hermit crab.
And it's probably best that this guy who has a fear of fish was at the Lakers game instead!  :)



What a fun day a the tide pools and aquarium. Seems to me I remember a couple of other little boy's that would have their little brother hold something while the other looked on. Hmmmmmm.....who could that be? :)
Anyway it sounds like a fun day was had by all of the Riley's!!

We hope Zachies ear infection is better. Love you all, Susan & Namie

Anonymous said...

Those are the two cutest grunions I have ever seen!
Grandma Dee