Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Mom

My mom has come to visit this week and so I've been busy doing other things than blogging.  Things like going out for hikes and runs.  Things like, getting my reports written during the day instead of having to wait until 9:00 at night after the kids are in bed.  Zach has been loving having her here.  He follows her around pretty much from the time he wakes up until bed time.  She is a hard worker and so Zach has just been helping her in the back yard, doing the clean up of things that I just tend to ignore.  And then when they come inside he brings out the games for them to play.   I mentioned that I wanted to clean up the garage to get ready for Zach's birthday party next month and she says, "Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it".  (I really wasn't intending for her to do this one).  This is just the way she is.
I'm gonna try to get some good pictures these next couple of days because I hardly have any on my mom.  So I'll post them when I do.  In the mean time, I am off to work today.  It's nice having my mom around!


Anonymous said...

I agree, she's awesome! Graham

Anonymous said...

She's always giving, always loving and ALWAYS helpful!!
She's the best! I'm glad she's there spending quality time with your family.
love, Tina

Anonymous said...

I love and adore your mom! Can I steal her?

Love Rochelle

GEKALOLI said...

mom's are the best! I hope I can offer the same help to my children when they are older. so glad you have some down time to yourself!

Grandma Dee said...

I agree, too. Your mom is so wonderful. She is a pitch-in and help kind of a woman. I am inspired when I am with her. She has the ability to really make you relax, be yourself, and laugh alot. She is so good with Zach and Kevin. They are blessed to have Nanna and so are we!
Grandma Dee