Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Partner

Well, I went hiking again yesterday morning.  Same place, but this time it was morning, it was beautiful, and I had a partner and no fear.  My partner is great.  I have known her for about 10 years.  She's in really good shape, but she was willing to wait up for me.  She doesn't care if I am not the best conversationalist, she doesn't talk a lot either.  She has an open schedule so is available whenever I am.  She is pretty strong too and I think she might even scare off a mountain lion.  I was thinking of this list while we were hiking, but I have already forgotten some of the great points.  Get this though, this girl is almost 77 years old!  :)  I'll put a picture up soon.



I bet your partner has brown hair and 4 legs, right? Glad you had a great hike with Dodger. I still makes me nervous for you to be alone on hikes as there are some strange people out there. Take me up on the maze if you would like. Hopefully there are alot of other hikers on the trail. See you Thurs., can't wait. Love to all,
Susan & Namie

Grandma Dee said...

Yay, Dodger is your new partner in hiking! So glad that you decided to take another "compradre-ette" along with you for protection and company. I bet it was beautiful on your hike. I have been getting up earlier and enjoying the beauty of our garden. Every morning there is another little surprise, like this morning: 2 rogue snails. Arghhh! Little plants are springing up where their flowers left seeds last Fall. Little gifts from the garden and birds.

Don't you love the quiet(lack of human sounds) and the noise of nature when you hike? I love to hear the birds, the grasshoppers buzzing, the leaves blowing in the wind, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze when you walk through the shady areas, the smell of mustard plants, of wild sage, of eucalyptus trees and the the colors of the flowers and plants as they welcome Spring?

Every season, I say, "Oh, this is my favorite season." In truth, even in CA you can experience the changing seasons, for the cold, grey days, the hot, windy Summer days, the crisp air and colors changes of Fall and the rebirth season of Spring. It reminds me in the Spring that we all have a chance to begin anew.

Enjoy your hikes and runs!