Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early Easter Party

Yesterday we went to an early Easter party at one of the local indoor playgrounds.  The boys had fun running all around, bouncing in the bounce house, and Zach especially liked the super fast slide.  I was expecting disaster every time he slid down because he was going so fast.  But he came down safe every time and immediately ran back to the top to do it again.  Then it hit me about how old Kevin is getting because although he liked jumping and sliding for a little while, he really just wanted to spend the whole time playing air hockey and fooze ball (with the little soccer players).  He was one of the oldest kids there and in my mind he's just still this little boy who will always be that way! 

And as a side note, they had an egg hunt and Zach found 3 eggs (with my help) and Kevin only found 1.  I thought we were going to have a major meltdown with that but to my great surprise he did ok!!  Another sign of growing up. :)


Ditaur said...

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What a fun day for the boys. And yes they are growing up to fast!!
Can't wait to see you all on Thursday. Love to all, Susan & Namie

P.S. What is up with the other post on this page??

Grandma Dee said...

Oh, my gosh, Kevin looks so much like his Daddy in the pix. Yes, he is growing up so quickly. I still think of him as the adorable little 1-2 year old I took care of and held and rocked. Those will always be some of the most special memories in my life. I love my alone time with both of them. Just watching them be the unique individuals they are. How blessed you (and we) are to have two such wonderful and healthy boys.
Grandma Dee