Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Magic of Tylenol

Zach wakes up in the middle of the night every couple of weeks saying that his foot really hurts.  He cries, he squirms, he can barely even walk on it when we go in to the bathroom.  Then I typically will lay with him for a few minutes and when that doesn't seem to console him I offer him tylenol.  Any flavor will work, but right now it's bubble gum.  I give him the tylenol and immediately that stops his whimpering.  And amazingly after about one minutes he has stopped squirming, he's breathing easier, and he falls back to sleep in the next few minutes.  Now, I know that tylenol does not get into our system that fast, but isn't the placebo affect amazing!


Save your Fork said...

tasha, that is so funny and so true. Caleb is SO like that. This is kind of gross and funny at that same time. For some reason Caleb has lately always had his hand down his pants itching his butt. (gross I know...) But so mike and I thought he might have worms so we gave him a worm pill. He chewed it up, swallowed it and said "It doesnt itch anymore!" Praise the Lord!

Grandma Dee said...

What funny stories! I wonder why Zach's foot hurts? Who knows? He loves getting special attention and God knows, we would all love it. What a special relationship you two have. Moms are the best. I miss mine everyday.
Grandma Dee