Sunday, March 9, 2008


Garrett and I just finished a six week bible study with a group from our church on the Fruits of the Spirit.  Most of you know that one of the fruits is patience.  As we studied this section we were learning how God is not going to just grant us patience when we ask us for it, but rather he will put us in situations that will help us to grow in this, putting us in places that we would typically be very impatient and have us work on trying really hard to be patient.  
Many people see me as a very patient person, and I typically am.....with people and kids other than my own.  I have all the patience in the world with the kids I work with, because I know that I see them for an hour and then they go home with their parents.  Anyway, this weekend we went to Mammoth for a quick getaway.   My patience was tested pretty much all weekend.  Saturday, just by a simple walk out to the golf course to go sledding.  I had my agenda: walk outside, get the sleds, walk to the golf course, sled.  Simple enough, right.  Kids always have their own agenda and sometimes I just have to learn that it is not always my way that is best.  After all I wanted them to be having fun in the snow, and they were.  They were kicking and punching the snow mounds.  They were climbing on top of the snow.  They were trying to find snow that was clean enough to eat.  And here's me in the background..."Do you guys want to go sledding?  Do you guys want to go sledding?  Come ON!"  Not very patient, huh?  
So we eventually got out there and managed to do a few runs.  The hills weren't as steep this time, but we still had some fun out there.  Zach really just likes to sit and eat snow, so I let him once we were out in the "good snow".  
(With the attitude in that video it's a wonder I made it through the day)
I thought I was taking more pictures, but I was using our new video camera and actually only got the one picture at the top of the post.  
So now we're back at home and just to add one more test of my patience...... I left my keys in Mammoth!  You may remember that I lost my keys several months ago.  I never found them and I was too cheap to get myself a new car key so I just took Garrett's and we have just had that one.  So now I really have to get a new key first thing tomorrow.  At least this time I know where my keys are, they are just about 5 hours away from me.



Patience is suppose to be a virtue, right? We all experience, at times that not to be the case. I can see that the sledding was not quite what you expected it to be for the boys. With regard to expectations sometimes (although not easy to do) it is best not to expect things to be a certain way or turn out how we might like them to be as at times we end up disappointed. I remember a wonderful couple in their early 90's who were on one of my flights from New York to LAX. They were coming out for a wonderful 70th wedding anniversary party, in their honor put on by their children. They were as sharp as a tack and so much fun to talk with. I remember asking them what their secret was to being married for 70 years. They both said try not to expect that things are always going to work out they way you want them to in all facets of your life. They said that if you always have expectations on how you think things should turn out or will turn out in alot of cases you will be disappointed as life isn't quite that simple. I have always tried to remember that as I think it is so true. I am not trying to be over the top over with this but I think the point is a good one. To heavy so I will close with I am glad that for the most part you had a great little getaway (except for you keys being in Mammoth............bummer) and you and Garrett were able to hit the slopes a bit and enjoy beautful Mammoth. love you all, Susan, Namie & Uncle Dennis

Anonymous said...

Girl! That is why I always say I never pray for patience. People say I have patience but they really don't hear my voice screaming inside my head!
Love, Rochelle

Grandma Dee said...

Ah, that patience word. I always think of grandmas being sweet, kind and patient all the time. Never an unkind or grumpy word. Well, not this Grandma. I used to hear, "Patience is a virtue, Virtue is a grace, Put them both together and they make a pretty face." "Hrmpppph," as Kevin would say. Sometimes I have an ugly face and my nose is all crumpled up and then Grandpa will say something so funny and I will laugh at myself. I think that laughter is the best way to deal with my impatience. We must not take ourselves or our agendas too seriously. Other people's wants and needs must be considered, too. I, like you, Tasha, have these great images of how it will be with Kevin and Zach when I visit. I think that they will sit on the couch with angelic little faces and look up at me and say, "Grandma Dee, read me another story. That was so fun." Well, wake up, Denise, they are little boys (still with angelic faces)full of energy who like to run, wrestle, poke at each other, tug on my arms and have some raucous fun. If my determination of fun is my agenda, I will always be disappointed. I do have expectations when I see them (it is hard not to)but I always leave there saying I am glad that I came, I got insight into their lives, and I spent some more precious time with them. Their growing up is going so quickly. I must enjoy every phase, even if it may involve "the grumps." Because I, too, have those days and heaven forbid that I would be judged solely on just one of my days. I love Kevin and Zach a bunch and get a smile on my face every time I think of them.
Love to you all,
Grandma Dee

GEKALOLI said...

patience. oh my. is that possible with two little ones? if so, let me in on the secret!

GEKALOLI said...
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