Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Brother 9

So, besides my new addiction to running, I have a second addiction that I am not as proud of.  I love watching Big Brother.  There I said it....I know most of you don't watch it or never have, but Garrett and I have been watching since season 1.  This is the 9th season and Garrett has left me on my own.  It's seriously the only show that I consistently watch on t.v. and the sad thing is that they have an "afterdark" show that is on from 9-12 pm and I fall asleep to it almost every night.  That is what my life has come to, watching other people that I don't know at all, but I get a glimpse into their lives.  

I figure it goes along with my addiction to checking other peoples blogs.  I check my favorite ones several times a day and although I know I have much better things to be doing with my time, I just can't seem to stop.  I've always loved listening to people talk, even if I don't join in on the conversation, I love to be surrounded by conversation.  I guess that's why my friends have always turned out to be loud and talkers, because then I can do most of the listening and laughing while they talk away.  

Anyway, no new pictures or anything to post.  Kevin's back to school this week so we are getting back in the routine of things.  I've been upstairs typing reports while Garrett's watching Juno downstairs.  It's too late to join him now, so I guess I'll go off to bed and watch my Big Brother!



I know the feeling. I was up watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol while Dennis was upstairs reading since the Angel game was played at 1:00 today. Nice however to have some down time to onself once in awhile.

Oh yes here is my weekly check-in.

Monday.................4.0 miles

Not a very good week. I am pleading the HEAT!!! The weekend was brutal and I could not get out there to much. Love ya

Garrett said...

hi susan,

Thanks for posting your miles for the week in the comments section of TASHAS blog. It is always very informative......who needs your own blog right?

Paula said...

Have you checked out Kate and John plus eight on Monday night at 9...TLC..I'm addicted to THAT show. :)

Grandma Dee said...

OK, so finally I have to 'fess up. I am addicted to watching Keith Olberman on Countdown with Dad each night. Even if he is out I watch it. That and NCIS are what we watch regularly. (I was totally addicted to "In Treatment" on HBO with dreamy Dr. Paul Weston, but it is over for the season and may not be renewed). Good job on your miles and keeping up and being consistent.
Love, Denise


Well perhaps I was mistaken but I thought that several posts ago Tasha wanted people to join in and post what they did for the week. Perhaps I was wrong.

Tasha Riley said...

Ok, no fighting on my blog now guys.....yes, I asked everyone who wants to to join in on keeping track of their mileage with me. So Susan, please continue!


Thank you Tasha. See you all Sat.
Love ya

Sandy said...

I am addicted to Law and Order. You can watch it almost every night.
I will write down my miles and check in next week. It really is a good idea.
Have fun Saturday. We will be with you in spirit.
Love ya Sandy

dole2obama said...

I only watch "quality" T.V. like rock of love and the hills. I really hope Hedi does not mess up her life with Spencer.