Thursday, April 10, 2008

Natural History Museum

On our way out the door to the Museum on Tuesday Garrett says, "Have fun in the hood.  Be careful."  The Natural History Museum is right in downtown Los Angeles but during the day it is a completely fine area to be in.  I thought I didn't know where I was going, but it turned out that I had been to the exact area before to go the the Science Center about a year ago.  
The boys had fun looking at all the exhibits, although the main dinosaur exhibit was closed.  There was an area specifically for kids where they got to dig for dinosaur bones.  Kevin stayed there for at least half an hour and would have stayed longer if I didn't have Zach telling me how hungry he was.  Our year pass expires in May, so maybe we'll make another trip down there soon since we didn't even seen everything.

I thought I forgot my camera, but I found it right before we were about to leave, so I just got a few shots.
The dinosaur boys attacking each other.
Kevin just couldn't stand still.


Anonymous said...

Tasha, I went to "dumuro" and it was a cache for viruses. I would suggest that you delete it from your comments.

Grandma Dee said...

What fun at the Natural History museum. I would love to join you guys when you go as I have never been there before except to view the "living body" series with the plasticine mummies (on my 54th birthday). What a joy both boys have for learning. Especially Kevin with his powers of concentration. I'm with Zach; I always get hungry when I go to a museum.
Love, Grandma Dee