Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Check In

A little late getting around to this, but here it is for this last week.
Monday - 6.5
Tues. - 0
Wed. - 2.5
Thurs. - 5.5
Fri- 0
Sat. 9.3 (The Great Race)
Sun. - Disneyland - must have been a few miles around there!

Total = 23.8 (not as many as usual, but I was saving my energy for Sat.)

As you can see we made it to Disneyland again on Sunday.  We hadn't been in a few months, so I was actually ready to go again.  It was majorly crowded though!  I guess everyone is there on Spring break.   The big event for the day was Zach's first time on Space Mountain.  He has been waiting to go on this ride for months.  He's been tall enough, but I just didn't think he was "big" enough.  We went for it yesterday though and I have never seen a bigger smile on his face coming off the ride.  As soon as it stopped he yelled, "Let's go again!!"  I would have if I hadn't had a queasy stomach and a headache from the ride!  

Today Kevin and I went to Paint a Dream where Kevin painted a special something for Zach's's a surprise though, so don't ask him about it!  Then the boys and I spent the afternoon at the park.  Before I know it this spring break is going to be over so we are trying to make the most of it.  Tomorrow I think I am going to take the boys the the Natural History Museum and then Susan Namie are coming to visit and to watch the boys while I am at work on Wednesday.  Hopefully we will get some good pictures to share on here tomorrow.



NOt a very good last week for exercise. 4 miles on Tuesday, 3 on Wed., 3 on Thurs. and 2 on Sunday. Hopefully this week is better.

Great job Tasha on racking up all the mileage. It's super. Love ya

Paula said...

Go Zach!! He really is the fast, roller coaster is amazing, because he is still only three!
That is awesome that Kevin painted something for Zach...I think gifts that a person creates are always the best. I really admire his artistic talents.
How was the Natural History museum? That is one of my favorite places and I used to take Garrett and Matt there alot when they were younger. Those museums have alot of cool classes in the summer..especially the science one. Garrett took one on space and got to dress-up in an astronaut uniform! is always nice to relax in the beautiful rose garden
that is right there.

Anonymous said...

Space Mountain is my favorite ride too. Gianna went on it last year and the joy on her face was priceless. Although, I was scared to death to let her ride and kept my hand on her leg cuz I thought she'd fly out! She yelled at the top of her lungs, "MOM! Let go of my leg. I'm a big girl now!"

Sandy said...

I can't believe Zach went on Space Mountain. He really is his father's son.
Kevin is so proud of the gift he has for Zach. He told me all about it when we talked yesterday.
Love, Sandy

Grandma Dee said...

Zach is such a big boy. I'm with you, I get so sick on that ride. He must be like his dad who always went on all of those wild rides (of course while I watched). I remember when I took him to Magic Mountain one time and he got in line to get the front seat on the roller coaster types. I wish I could have gone with him, but it would have been icky. How fun to go to the Natural History museum. I am not sure that I have ever been there. Will have to go with them sometime. Love, Grandma Dee

Save your Fork said...

Tasha, I SO wish I could be running with you. I miss the days of a race. What fun! Maybe someday we will be able to run together...