Monday, April 28, 2008

Life's Adventures & Check In

If it's not the boys or Garrett giving me a run for my money then it's gotta be the dog.  This morning we (Dodger and I) went for a hike.  We hadn't gone on the long hike in several weeks and it was much hotter this morning than any previous morning.  I usually let Dodger off her leash after we get a little ways into the hike.  Dodger likes to find any possible water to play in and cool off but unfortunately today there was not a lot of water left in the creeks.  She found enough though to drink too much and make herself yak up all of her breakfast (goes along nicely with the dentist story, right).  She does this occasionally when we exercise too soon after breakfast or she drinks too much.  

That's not the end of my story though.  Along the trail there are natural oil springs, if you call it that, where there is oil coming up through the ground and making little puddles.  So as we continued on with the hike Dodger was getting hotter and more tired.  She ran ahead of me only to have me find her laying in the biggest puddle of oil that she could possibly find.  NICE!  So now I have a dog half covered in oil, looking more like a black lab than a chocolate one.  Poor Dodger.  She tried rinsing off in the creek near the end of the hike, but everyone know that oil doesn't just come off with water.  

I tried washing her when I got home.  I remembered those commercials about how they used Dawn to clean all of the animals after oil spills in the ocean.  We only have Palmolive though so I tried that.  Didn't do much.  I think I am going to have to bring her to a groomer tomorrow and they may have to shave her.....poor Dodger, again.  I'll keep you updated, I know you'll all be waiting to hear. :)

And of course this is what she does as soon as I let her go, rolls around in the dirt.  This is why I don't usually bother giving her a bath.

Oh, and for checking in.....
I don't have a whole lot to report for last week:
Monday: 2.5 (hike)
Tues.: 3.5
Wed. - 0
Thurs. - kickboxing class and 3.0 on the eliptical
Friday - 0
Sat. - 6. something (I didn't measure)
Total for the week: around 15 knee and hip are feeling much better!


Anonymous said...

Mom says:

Well, at least Dodger didn't drink the oil! Poor Girl! She didn't look like she really minded the bath and the attention she was getting from you, though. Maybe the dirt she rolled in will absorb the oil and just come off with time....

Looking forward to the next saga!


Ah, the check in. Well I had a bit of a better work out last week. I walked 4 miles, 4 days and 3 miles 1 day.

Heres to a cooler week, I hope.

Love ya, Susan

Sandy said...

We walked 3 miles every day except Thursday when we rode our bikes 13 miles. It was a good workout week.
Poor Dodger, however, I agree with your Mom, at least she didn't drink the oil.
Love to all, Sandy