Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Check-In

Here goes:
Monday - 3.5
Tues. - 7.0
Wed.- 0
Thurs. - 4.1
Fri. - 0
Sat. - 6.6
Sun. - 4.4
Total for the week: 25.6

Now, I want to take the time to give a big thank you to all of our family, near and far.  We are so lucky to have family that is willing to travel, just to help us out.  Not only did I have my mom come up a few weeks ago to help out while Zach was on his Spring break, but then we had multiple visitors over the past few weeks helping us out while Kevin was on his break.  Denise (Grandma Dee) came up and help a few times, taking them to IHOP, and playing games with them all day long.  Then she came up again this past Friday and not only did we have her help us with watching the boys, but then she also helped me clean out the garage (a major task in itself!)  We also had Susan and Namie come up last Tuesday evening, stay over night and watch the boys on Wednesday.  Kevin enjoyed playing a spelling game with them at the hotel and he asked Namie if he could borrow her word search book for a while.  The boys were lucky enough to get to go out to lunch at McDonalds with them too.  On Thursday we had Paula and Jeff (Grami and Papa) come up for a visit while bringing Mike up to go to Mammoth with Garrett and Matt.  They offered to watch the boys while I went out for a while.  I used my time to give blood (I know it's real exciting) since I saw the sign up for a blood drive.  Plus Grami left us some yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to enjoy after dinner!  Then to top it all off, Bob (Grandpa) came up on Saturday to watch Kevin's baseball game and offered to watch the boys while I went for a run.  Unfortunately it was about 90 degrees out and I couldn't run as far as I wanted, but I was still able to get out and the boys enjoyed going to McDonalds (again) and then to the park to play with Kevin's new "real" bat.  
I can't believe how great our family is!  It's not like these people live down the street.  All of them travel at least an hour or more just to spend time with us.  We feel very blessed and lucky.   So please know, we appreciate each and every one of you!!



Oh my gosh Tasha what a wonderful way to wake up this morning and to read your blog. Your words were so kind and so heartfelt that it brought a tear to our eyes (Namie and me). While you are so thankful to all of us, trust me we are just as thankful for all of you. The love, joy, laughter and shear delight that Kevin and Zachary have brought into our lives is beyond words. Much like the joy that Garrett and Matt brought to our family is now being brought back with Kevin and Zach. Having Mom so involved with the boys is so very special as well. And of course you and Garrett as their parents. There is no greater joy than little ones. They can make even the not so sunny days seem so bright. We, too are so blessed. I just wish that we were a bit closer so we could be there whenever you needed us, say on the spur of the momment. But please always know that you can count on us always. Can't wait to celebrate Zachs birthday on Sat. and see Kevins game as well. And then on to Matts b-day on Sunday. What a wonderful family weekend we will have. Love you all, Susan, Namie & Uncle D

Paula said...

Susan said it all and very beautifully! Amen I say to her words. We are so blessed to have your family in driving distance and are so thankful for that. You guys are the blessing to all of us!!
Love, Paula

Grandma Dee said...

Ditto to what Susan and Paula said. Could not have said it better. They covered it all. I had so much fun reading books in the morning with Kevin and watching him paint. Then, when Zach got home we played Cranium, alphabet matching and did alot of laughing. My favorite times are when we do something where all of us participate and I get to sit right in the midst of both boys with them within hugging distance. Those are the best! And, then of course it was fun to clean the garage. We laughed and cleaned alot and "got brutal" at deciding what to throw out, give away or keep. It is very hard to part with "stuff" as I well know. It is one of my greatest challenges. Plus, it is fun to share tasks with others and lighten the load. (No pun intended, tee, hee.)
Love, Grandma Dee