Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dodger Dog Update

In case you were wondering....

I went and bought some Dawn dish soap and used that on Dodger this afternoon.  That was after I called the groomer and they said she had to have her current rabies shot, which it turns out expired in February.  So I did the best I could with the dish soap.  She is looking better, but unfortunately she ruined a few things in the garage last night because I guess the vegetable oil I put on her last night to try and loosen the other oil was immediately licked off by her, making her sick all over the garage..... Good times!



Oh my gosh Tasha it appears that the Barfarama is continuing on!!
Poor Dodger to be caught in such a mess and you too. Perhaps a day at the grommers will be good for all. Isn't life a dream???? Hope the rest of the week goes well for all. At least the insane heat has subsided!! I cannot handle this heat.....................perhaps an age thing BUT I do know if it continues we will be getting either air conditoning or fans installed!!! Love you all, Susan, Namie and Dennis

Paula said...

What a time you have had with Dodger! Hope she is better now and you are able to relax a bit.
Sunday was fun celebrating with all of you. Those little guys are the best!