Thursday, April 24, 2008

Supersonic Mom Hearing

Most of you know by now I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, and sleep through pretty much anything.  BUT, since having Kevin and Zach I have been "blessed" with this ability to hear any little noise that either boy makes in the middle of the night.  Garrett usually comes in to bed some time after I do, and rarely do I wake up.  I don't hear him come in, I don't feel the bed move, nothing.  But, one little whimper from the other rooms and, boom, wide awake!  For the past, I don't know, 4 months or so, Zach has been coming into our room around 3 or 4.  He comes in quietly, stands by my side of the bed, and says, "I want to sleep in your bed and I have to go pee."  I know he's coming, because my supersonic hearing lets me know the second he reaches our door.  Then he gets the same answer every time from me, "Go pee, and then I will lay with you in your bed for a little bit."  EVERY NIGHT!  Well, at least he's not peeing the bed, right?  And I know that eventually he will grow out of this too.

Anyway, today is a minimum day for Kevin and then we are off to the library and then the dentist before heading back to school for Open House.  Kevin is excited to show off the things has been working on all year.  He is also in a little performance with the Spirit Team, so he's excited about that too.

And by the way, you can check out this video from Zach and Matt's parties this past weekend.  We had such a fun time!


Paula said...

Isn't our supersonic mom hearing amazing?!!! I still have it at age 18....listening for Mike to be home and hearing anything in the night. I think it lasts until they are out of the house....
Love, Paula


While being awakened in the middle of the night would not be my number one choice I must say having Zachie or Kevie standing by my bedside would be sooooooooo cute. I can just picture Zach standing there with his big sleepy eyes. As you mention Tasha, Zach will soon grow out of it and it will be such a fun story to tell him when he is older. In the mean time I do hope you get some good sleep time. A ton of love to you all. Love, Susan

P.S. Wish we could repeat last weekend again as it was a great Zachie party on Sat. and great Matt party on Sunday.

The Belitz Family said...

LOVED the video. Looks like you all had a good time on the beach. Happy birthday Zach!