Friday, November 21, 2008

Catching Up

So, I guess I've had other things on my mind this week and haven't known what I should write about.  As many of you have heard, my mom had surgery this week to remove a cancerous tumor from her breast.  While the thought of breast cancer has been scary, the results from the surgery and recovery have been nothing but positive.  My mom is recovering well, hopefully enjoying some "time off", and they plan on being here next week for a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am looking forward to having my parents and brother and family here for a few days.  I am also looking forward to all the smells of Thanksgiving in the house!!  I'm planning on doing it all this year and my hopes are that I can be all organized enough that I can go over to Central Park for the Santa Clarita Turkey Trot on Thursday morning.

Now, that I've written this I feel I can move on and continue with other posts.....such as "The Incredibly Shrinking Garrett" to come tomorrow!


Serenity NOW said...

We will give thanks this Thanksgiving not only for all the blessing's in our lives but also thanks for the wonderful news on your Moms successful surgery. Love you all, Susan, Dennis & Namie

Grandma Dee said...

It has been a year of many changes and successes. Not the least of all being your marathon success and the positive results from Deborah's surgery. We have much to be thankful for and family is at the top of that list. We are truly blessed. I hope you get to do the Turkey Trot and have all of the dinner ready. Will miss you guys and your very wonderful pies. I am making up a pie recipe this year and am very excited to share it. Yay for Thanksgiving!
Love, Grandma Dee

Paula said...

Have a wonderful time with your family, Tasha! It will be especially sweet to be able to spend time with your mother for a few days. We are so thankful that she is on the road to a great recovery.
Hugs, Paula

Sandy said...

Tasha, I am so happy with the positive results from your mother's surgery. We all have so much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you family.
Love Sandy & Joe