Tuesday, November 4, 2008

marathon pics and a Happy Birthday Wish!

First off, Happy Birthday to Susan!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Next, hope you enjoy some of the pics from Paula.  I will be putting up the slide show from Dennis later today......


Grandma Dee said...

Yes, yes, Happy Birthday, Susan. What a great day to have your birthday.
The pix of your marathon are great, Tasha. You look in them like you just did a 10K, not a marathon!
Grandma Dee


Thank you for the birthday greetings!! What a great greeting to wake up to. Also listening to the rain was so beautiful this morning. I hope it rains all day as I love it and we very seldom see it.

Glad you liked the Marathon slideshow. Dennis has another one to send today. Did you fall in love with the one of Kevin looking up at you at the finish line?? The look of love in his eyes is soooooooooooooo adoring. As are the other pics from your GREAT day.

Love to all, Susan

Sandy said...

Great pictures, Tasha.
What an incredible day.

How fun for the little guys to be able to participate.

And yes:
Happy Birthday, Susan

Paula said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!! May your day be filled with sweet surprises. xo
I'm so glad you liked the pictures, Tasha. The boys were great all day and Garrett was the concerned, "protective bear" of you during and after the marathon.
It will be fun to look back and see how Kevin's beloved BatCheetah is in every picture with him. :)Little boys are precious.
Love you, Paula

Save your Fork said...

Congratulations Tash!!!!! That is awesome that you did it! Very cool.....love ya!

Karen said...

congratulations! and i adore the pics of your fans cheering you on!