Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing the Beach

Saturday we took a spontaneous trip to Ventura for a few hours.  I miss living so close to the beach.  Even though 50 minutes is not that far of a drive, we still don't get there as often as I would like.  As we parked near our old house and walked down the path to the beach, we were reminiscing about how Kevin learned how to take some of his first steps down that same path.  And we enjoyed looking at the houses that are right on the sand and choosing which one we would live in if we could!

 The boys had a fun time, even after complaining about not wanting to go.  They didn't want to have to take showers when we got home and get all sandy and itchy.  Once we were there though there was no stopping them.  The water was pretty cold, but not cold enough for them to stay completely out of.  They managed to stay semi-dry, but just wet enough to get their shorts.  

Ahhhh, the beach


Serenity NOW said...

It seems like yesterday that you and Garrett were living in Ventura. AND that we all packed the waiting room at the hospital waiting for Kevin to be born. It is amazing how quickly time flies by. The beach is wonderful and we look forward to having Kevie and Zachie spend time with us in the summer sailing and learning how to sail. And of course any time you all want to come down and spend some time our home is always open to you. Plus the boat too. Love you all, Susan

Sandy said...

Tasha, I know how you must feel. You and Garrett had a wonderful first home. You certainly couldn't beat the location. To be able to walk to the beach every day was amazing.
Love, Sandy

Grandma Dee said...

It was a nice walk down memory lane discussing Ventura with Kevin. I talked about how we used to do a stroller ride at the beach every time, then over to In-N-Out for Grandma Dee to get her lunch to go, then home to feed Kevin, put him down for a nap and eat my lunch. My favorite time was getting him up from his nap and rocking him and singing to him. It was always a special moment to share when I could sing him the "Kevin Song." How great that you still go back to Ventura. I bet that some day you will live by there.
Love, Grandma Dee

Garrett said...

I guarantee that we will not live there again

Paula said...

I'm so glad that you had a chance to visit "your beach" again! It looks like the boys had a wonderful time....beaches can sure occupy the time for little boys..and big boys!!
The pictures are REALLY good. I especailly LOVE the one of ZACH half standing in the sand. Those little guys are just beautiful...and so sweet, too.

Love, Paula