Monday, November 3, 2008

26.2 Miles!

I did it!  After approximately 11 months of training, off and on, the day finally arrived and now it's all behind me!  The day couldn't have been better, weather wise, and I was so happy to have such a great cheering section around me.  The first 13 miles were fairly smooth sailing.  I was feeling good and keeping a good pace.  It was right around the time that all the half-marathoners turned off to their finish line that it hit me: "I have to go another 13 miles!"  I began doing my running/walking after this point, but I think the more I walked, the more my legs were telling me, "STOP!!"  At around mile 17 1/2 both thighs cramped up so bad I couldn't walk, but I pushed through, taking one step at a time and trying to stretch them out.  All the while thinking of Rochelle pushing through on out Half Dome hike during her cramps.  Thankfully they went away, but the rest of the run was slow going.  Matt, my brother-in-law, joined me around mile 18 1/2 and that couldn't have been a better encouragement.  He continued to go at my pace, but encouraged me to keep going even what I felt like just walking the entire rest of the way.  

After 5 long hours and 12 minutes I crossed the finish line and was cheered on by all.  The boys were especially cute, giving me hugs and kisses.  We enjoyed pizza and a variety of desserts following the race back at our house.  Then after everyone went home I enjoyed resting on the couch, reading, watching t.v., and napping.  

Today I am feeling pretty good.  A little sore, but not as bad as I anticipated.  So I am off to help in Kevin's class and then go to work for a few hours.  No time to sit around!  Thanks to everyone for your encouragement over the past year!!  I could not have done it alone!!


Grandma Dee said...

What a perfect picture to put on your blog! You looked so happy when you crossed the finish line. I couldn't believe how cool and collected you seemed afterwards. You are a trooper. Bob and I were so proud of you. And, also of the little guys for doing so well in their first Kid K. Thanks for sharing the special day with us. You were amazing to stay up with all of us at your house afterwards. I would have collapsed. Take good care of yourself today and look forward to a massage in a couple of days. You will need it!
Love, Denise


Makes me tear up again, Tasha. The pride that we feel for you having accomplished something very few people attempt to do is amazing. Your radiant smile was so great to see at mile 24, the finish and back at the house. The journey on the way to your destination was one of dedication and true grit. Congratulations!!

WE love you, Susan, Dennis and Namie

Rochelle said...

Tasha! Seriously I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes - I'm not kidding. I'm soooo proud of you! You always amaze me. You have always been the kind of woman to finish what you set out to do! Love You and Congrats.

Garrett said...

Kev, Zach, and I were so happy and proud seeing you cross the finish line, you are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom says:
Your fans have taken the words right out of my mouth! You are totally awesome! Even though we weren't there in person, we were cheering you on in our hearts from 7 am until the finish.

Well, you can check that one off your list, and then when you're rested, what's your next challenge??
Love you, Mom, Dad and Grandma

Sandy said...

Tasha, your smile says it all. You looked GREAT. WE are so proud of what you accomplished. I told you I got teary yesterday when I heard you crossed the finish line. We were thinking of you all day.
Love, Sandy and Joe

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are something else! That's an amazing accomplishment, and we're all very proud of you!!

Graham and Tina

Paula said...

Tasha, everyone has said it were amazing!! You are the family's running queen! Jeff and I are so proud of you and all of us enjoyed cheering you on so much. You are strong, woman, and determined!! Sending you more big hugs,
Paula and Jeff

Anonymous said...

yo go girl cause ya know i would have calapased on mile 2! I get winded walking up my stairs at work. Pathetic huh. I love that you finish what you start. I have always admired that in you. You are like Earl, crossing something else off that list. Congrats!
Now what????

Luv Vicki

Jen Heffel said...

You are AWESOME.