Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roughing It With Zachary

First time roasting his own marshmallow.  He barely let it get brown before he said he was ready to eat it.

This weekend Zach and I are on our own.  Garrett and Kevin have gone to a Boy Scout camp in Pacific Palisades for the weekend.  Zach, upon hearing he was not going to be going with them, asked if we could sleep in the backyard.  Who could resist such a cutie pie?  So we set up camp, roasted hot dogs, and then marshmallows.  We managed to stay out all night and actually slept, off and on.  

Today we had a mellow day, with the exception of heading over to My Gym for an Open House.  Now, we are going to get all cozy in my bed and watch Underdog!  I hoping to stay awake for it all so that I can then have some time just to myself..... I may get that only while I'm sleeping though.


Grandma Dee said...

What an awesome idea. It looks like you had a lot of fun "camping out." I hope that you get a little time for yourself tonight.
Sweet dreams,


These pictures are adorable. How fun that you and Zachie were able to have your own camp out AND marshmellows too!!! Memories that will last a life time. Love and hugs to you all. Susan & Namie

P.S. time we come out to see you maybe you could cook a marshmellow for us. They looked yummy. :)

Paula said...

Oh, I loved the pictures and showed them to "Papa" and he just chuckled at all of them. You really give us all alot of joy by posting your life and pictures!!!
You are really making good use of the campfire....perfect for nights in the backyard tent. :)
Kevin and Zach will have fun swapping stories when Garrett and Kevin return.
Love and hugs, "Grami" and "Papa"

Sandy said...
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Sandy said...

The pictures are adorable! We just know you had a GREAT NIGHT.
Thank you for sharing, Tasha. It keeps all of us close to you.

Love, Sandy and Joe

Karen said...

what a great idea! how lucky zach gets to spend special time with you and have an experience just like his brother. looks like you had a wonderful adventure!