Friday, May 2, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

I picked Zach up from school the other day and I hadn't eaten lunch yet so when we got home I told Zach that I needed to eat before we did anything else.  Zach wanted something to do so he asked if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean.  He was so excited to find out they were so he could put all the silverware back in the drawer!  This is his new favorite way to help.  I just sat and ate while he did his work.  I love what a helper he is.  He also loves to feed Dodger in the mornings.  He does a great job cleaning up his room when asked.  And if I am doing laundry he always wants to help put the clothes in.  I hope this lasts and lasts, but I am sure it will come to an end before I want it to.  


Anonymous said...

Mom says:

Zach was also a great helper when I was pruning the smaller palm tree in your back yard. He worked continuously for 30min without one complaint, taking the palm fronds that I had cut off, and stacking them in a box. He donned his little green gloves and just talked and talked the whole time we were working together.
What a sweet guy!

Who knows how long it will last. Your brother still likes to do laundry!
Love you guys, Mom

Sandy said...

Oh, Tasha, how wonderful to have Zach to help you. He really is such a joy to have/be around.
Love to all of you.

Paula said...

Zach is a sweetheart!! He is a joy to be around. Give him a hug from Grami for being such a great helper and such a loveable boy.

Grandma Dee said...

Wow, I cannot wait for him to come down here and help me, too! That is such a neat trait to develop. As Bob said, "They just love hanging out with you, Tasha." Good to focus on things that can help you out as well. When I am there, I will try to think of things he can help me with. As your mom said to him, "We work a little, then we play a little, then we work a little. Good words to live by.
Thanks for sharing,
Grandma Dee


Can I borrow Zach to come down here???? How adorable he is. He is a lovable little fuzz ball!! Just the cutest. Cherish the moments as I know you and Garrett do with both boys. These are just the best times!! Love you all, Susan, Namie & Mennis

dole2obama said...

Can Zach help me clean my apartment this weekend?