Tuesday, May 20, 2008

.....And We're Back

We actually came back on Saturday afternoon, after a very relaxing couple of days away.  Vegas was Vegas, filled with smoke that was burning my eyes and lungs, pictures of girls everywhere, and drunk people walking around at 10 o'clock in the morning.  Sounds like the dream vacation, huh?  As much of that part that I don't like, I did enjoy sleeping in (a little bit), lounging by the pool, and absolutely LOVED the Beatles Love Show that we went to.  That was the ultimate highlight of the trip!  Garrett got us front row seats so we were right up in the middle of everything and could see all the expressions on the peoples faces.  I loved it!  (Did I already mention that I loved it?)
We took walks along the strip two times and stopped at the M&M store 
to get Kevin and Zach souvenir t-shirts.  

So, now we're back and it's into the 100's here.  We spent all Sunday afternoon in the pool and will probably be in there every afternoon this week if the heat continues.    The end of school is quickly coming and these next few weeks are feeling pretty full.  I'll be checking in when I can!


Double V said...

How long have you LOVED the Beatles? And ya think you know a person. Sounds way fun. Maybe i should plan that. Thanks for sharing.

tasha said...

Well Vick, When you have a husband that obsesses over music and plays things over and over, you kinda get used to that music. But the whole show was what made me love it, not just the music.

Grandma Dee said...

I love that your generation loves the same wonderful group that my generation did in the 60s. I think the Rubber Soul album is still my favorite. What memories it evokes. My best friend Joanie saw them a couple of times and hits the Stones concert every time they are in town. To think that you are also into Sinatra like my parents were. Timeless entertainment and songs.
So glad you could get away.
Love you,

Rochelle said...

I am so glad you had fun! You totally deserve it! I have never been to Vegas and I think those things that you listed would be things I wouldn't like either! One more month and counting til Half Dome! Are you ready?