Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Introducing Scooter

Zach has a new friend named Scooter.  Scooter is five years old.  He often comes to our house and plays.  He's a little mischievous and Zach tries to put the blame on him for things that are going on around the house.  Sometimes we will go days without hearing from him and then all of a sudden he's at the house again.  

Did I mention that he's invisible?  



How cute that Zach has a make belief friend. It reminds me of hearing that Sandy had a make belief friend as well. I remember Namie relating the stories about Sandys make belief friend. Namie would always have to set one more place setting at our daily meals for Sandys friend. I can't remember the name that Sandy had for her friend. However when we come up on the 19th of this month to visit with you all I am sure that she will share her experience. Sandy is at Namies now and they are not able to post from Namies webtv. They can read the post but not place comments. So it will be fun to share when we see you. Love to all, Susan

Garrett said...

I love scooter!

Paula said...

This post gave me the biggest chuckle!! Tell Sandy that I, too had an imaginary friend..his name was Pysees..where I got that name...who knows!
How cute that Zach has his Scooter! I love it!!
Looking forward to seeing all of you this week-end. xo