Saturday, May 10, 2008

Four Hugs A Day

I've been having a Mother's Day Weekend, and it's not even Mother's Day yet.  It started on Friday when I went to Zach's preschool for a Mother's Day Tea (although there was orange juice and apple juice instead).  Zach's been so excited for this day to come because he has been practicing their song, "Four Hugs a Day".  The kids were asked to dress up for the song, boys in their dad's shirts and girls in dress up clothes. He did such a great job with all the moves and even sang out loud during most of it.  I may put the video on later, but it's sorta long.

Then, after going to work for a few hours (two of those hours were spent sitting around waiting and my clients not showing up or bothering to call), I came home and packed to head off to Ventura for a Women's retreat with my church.  Despite the fact that I got almost no sleep last night due the fact that there were four of us sharing a room with two double beds and a train going by right outside the window, the conference overall was really good.  I got there early yesterday so I could go running by the beach.  I went on the path that I used to run every morning when we lived in Ventura.  I ran by our old house, which looks so run down, but still can't beat the location.  I ran by the park where we had Kevin's first birthday.  I loved being there again and just remembering.  This morning I took a walk out on the pier, hoping to see some dolphins but no such luck.  It was cold and foggy, which is what I never liked about living by the beach, but this morning it felt good.  The speakers and the time away were both good.  

Now I'm back and just finished watching Mulan with the boys.  Tomorrow we are going to church and then down to San Juan Capistrano.  I'm ready for some sleep to make up for my sleepless night.  Here's hoping all of you moms have a wonderful day tomorrow.  


Anonymous said...

happy mothers day to you too.
I am watching the final Scrubs. I am very sad.
Have fun tomorrow

Love V

Anonymous said...

Mom says:

I was just thinking about the day you were born: how quickly you arrived, how voraciously you nursed,and how peacefully you slept, and slept, and slept! We were soooo pleased to have a beautiful little girl.

Wishing you a fantastic Mother's Day full of good memories and warm hugs.

Here's a hug from us, Mom & Dad


Happy Mothers Day Tasha. What a wonderful Mothers Day weekend you are having. Oh my gosh that picture of Zachie is adorable in his Daddys clothes. I would love to see the video and hear Zach singing. What better gift could one have in those boys. Glad your Ventura experience was fun. Do hope you caught up on your sleep last night. Have a wonderful day. Love you all, susan, namie & Mennis

Grandma Dee said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Zach. It is so nice that you get to have time alone with him, like you had with Kevin. They know they have your undivided attention.
The pics of Zach in his Dad's shirt and tie are just priceless. I must print out one of him in the black and white.
Cannot wait to hear/see the video. I am sure it is so adorable.
Love you,