Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ladies Man

Yesterday Kevin was invited to a party for a girl in his class.  We originally were not going to go because our plan was to go to Mammoth, but since the weather changed so dramatically we decided to just stay home....which made Kevin happy that he could still go to the party.  So, we were getting ready to go and Kevin goes into his room and closes the door and says, "Don't come in until I tell you!"  When he's finally ready, he comes out with a hawaiian shirt on and he had gone into the bathroom to wet his hair and comb it "just right".  He was so proud of how he looked.  Then he says, "I'm fancy from head to toe.  Now I just need a flower for Norene."  Isn't he just the ladies man?  Unfortunately we didn't have any flowers to pick in our yard, but I told him the present we got her would be good enough.  

Oh and to top it all off he had just lost his tooth about an hour before the party, so he looked especially cute with his big gap in his teeth.  It had been loose forever and finally he came upstairs yesterday crying and saying how his tooth was out but he couldn't find it.  He had been eating garlic bread and so I had him spit out what was left in his mouth and looked through that (yummy).  Thankfully it wasn't in there, but we found it on the floor after a little looking.  

And he wasn't wanting to part with it either, so he left this sign for the tooth fairy last night.
 Apparently writing notes to the tooth fairy works, because she left the tooth and also a note saying that he could keep it this time and also that she would still give him his special coin because he had done such a good job at taking care of it!


Grandma Dee said...

Kevin is Hot! You rock. And, Zachie is not far behind you. What dolls! Watch out future girlfriends, these are some cool guys.
Love you,
Grandma Dee

dole2obama said...

Can Kevin give me some dating tips? The flower was smooth.


Wow, Kevin you looked soooooooooooooo cute!!! I loved your Hawaii shirt and your hair looked very smooth, indeed. PLUS your tooth is gone..............congratulations. So glad the tooth fairy left it for you. Anyway hope you had fun at the party. Love you all lots!!

P.S. Zachie looked pretty darn cute too!!

Sandy said...

Kevin, you looked so cute. Loved your shirt and your hair looked great. You are growing up so fast.
Loved your look too Zachie.
Love you both
Aunt Sandy
PS Glad you finally lost your tooth, Kevin.

Double V said...

Hilarious!I almost don't recognize him. You better watch out. He's starting early. He's so cute