Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Check In

I'm in the middle of cleaning the house, but I got pulled to the computer by a force that is too strong to fight against.

I wanted to show a few of the cute things the boys gave me for Mother's Day.  I was lying in bed yesterday morning and here's what I hear:

Zach: "Let's go clean up every room because that's what Mommy wants for Mother's Day."
Kevin: "That will take forever, lets just go make a card."

Here's a card Kevin made for me at school.  
He hid it all weekend and was so proud of it.
He even used his "fancy" writing on the inside!
Zach gave me this plate at the Mother's Day Tea on Friday.  I'm not sure he actually made it though because he seemed to know nothing about it when I asked him if it was his handprint. (He still has yet to participate in one craft at school)
And the boys with their creative wrapping (helped by daddy) giving me the presents that they picked out at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Cutie pies!

Kevin won the early morning discussion, so I am cleaning up the house today. We had a nice time though down in San Juan Capistrano. It turned out to be a beautiful day, I only wish we had gone down to the beach earlier, because we didn't spend very much time there at all.

My check in for this week consists of nothing worth writing about.  I spent some time at the gym on Monday and went for a short run on Friday.....that's it.  I blame it on the fact I was trying to rest my knee and I was fighting off a cold.  This week I am going to have to get back into at least going to the gym.  Sometimes our bodies need a rest though!


Grandma Dee said...

I loved seeing the Mother's Day gifts. Zach's handprint was so cute. You will keep that forever. And, I just loved Kevin's card. It is so beautiful! It is totally my kind of card.
Sweet Zach, wanting to clean up for you. He is such a gentle soul. He likes to help out at home, while Kevin loves his arts and crafts. Two such different and special boys.
Glad that you had a nice Mother's Day. So special to be remembered for what a great mom you are.
Enjoy and love,
Grandma Dee

Anonymous said...

gotta love the wrapping! Mine is sometimes pretty close to that.
Glad you had a good day
Luv Vic


Oh my gosh what a wonderful Mothers Day, Tasha. The love and thought that the boys gave to you is worth a trillion dollars. What a very wonderful, loving and blessed life that you all share. Love you all, lots.
Susan,Namie and Mennis

Paula said...

Little boys are the best! I love how Kevin is always picking you flowers. :) They are the sweetest, that's for sure. Put all these treasures in a treasure box to will love pulling them out years later, especially when they are teenagers! :)
Sunday was the best being with all the people that I love. Wasn't the beach amazing? Too short, though!