Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On Your Mark

On your mark, Set get, Go!  This is how Zach always says it and it's so cute I don't bother to correct him.  He's said it like this since he learned how to talk.  

I finally used my iTunes gift card from Christmas to put some new music on my iPod.  I found something from the Nike Sport section that has a variety of athletes with their picks of music and then their voices talking over it during parts of it to tell you to speed up or keep going.  So I bought the one with Lance Armstrong talking.  I was excited to try it out this morning but I didn't get out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:50....or 6:00 and then I must have just turned it off because when Zach came in it was 6:25.  So I had to get ready and take Kevin to school.  Still wanting to get outside I decided to take Zach in the jogging stroller.  He wanted to listen to music on the way so I told him about the new thing I just put on my iPod and told him that when ever he heard a guy talking that he could just tell me what it said.  I was laughing on and off throughout  my run because each time Zach would repeat exactly what was said but add a, "mommy" in front of it.  "Mommy, your doing good, keep strong" and "Mommy, slow down now".  So cute I just had to smile and think that it was better than hearing Lance's voice.  

But Zach wanted out of the stroller about halfway through the run, which is usually why I try not to take him.  So I let him out and then, as we often do, we raced the rest of the way to the park, he was Chick Hits and I was Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.  It's not exactly the best work out for me, but it gets Zach out and running, and let me tell you it's much easier to push an empty stroller rather than one with a 50 pound boy in it!    


Rochelle said...

How did you get such an adorable kid? He is totally Graham in a little body.

Rochelle said...

How did you get such an adorable kid? He is totally Graham in a little body.

dole2obama said...

I see a new career for Big Z, motivational speaker!

Grandma Dee said...

What an adorable time. I wish I could have heard Zach repeating what was being said. He is such a determined little guy. Did you get the card folded lengthwise that he made for you? He made a boat with a small green sail for Daddy. He was very precise with the size of the sail and where to place "Daddy" on the boat. He would not let Kevin or me direct what he was making. Plus, he directed and acted in a movie for Kevin and me while you guys were at "The Police" concert. Just thinking of him makes me smile.
Grandma Dee


Oh, that Zachie boy is a lovable, hugable cutie. What great fun and memories. Love you all, Susan