Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keeping Them Entertained

On Tuesday Zach and I had gone to the park in the morning.  He had already spent his half hour on the computer and then was asking to watch a movie.  It would have been easy to just plop him down in front of the t.v. and that would have kept him occupied for hours, but I just can't justify that.  So, we decided instead to build his clubhouse that he got for his birthday.  He loved putting it together and deciding where everything goes.  Then when Kevin got home, Zach was all excited about sharing what he had done with Kevin.  Last night the boys decided to rebuild it, this time into a fort.  Anyone looking for ideas for your kids, I would definitely recommend the Cranium Superfort Carnival Clubhouse......if you have room for it is the only thing.  But it is totally easy to put together and take apart.  The kids can do it with minimal assistance.  OR you could just use blankets and chairs like I used to do!  And yes, that is our mess of a garage.  It looks better than it used to though.


Grandma Dee said...

Sounds like Zach and Kevin had a lot of fun with their clubhouse. Building things and then pretending was a big part of the fun as a kid. We could spend hours occupying ourselves and being creative. I am so glad that you limit their computer time and give them time to just be little boys. They are the best!
Gma Dee

Rochelle said...

Every time I read your blog - I feel inferior! I swear I don't do half the stuff you do with your kids. I'm jealous

Sandy said...

Tasha, you are so great with the boys. The clubhouse is a wonderful idea and yes it is so important to limit their time on the computer.
It was wonderful being with all of you the other day.
Kevin and Zach continue to amaze me.
Love to all of you
Aunt Sandy


How fun and what wonderful memories. I remember Garrett and Matt spending hours at Namie and Gumpys house in Palm Springs making their forts in the bedroom/den. They would really build some great ones. Glad that Zach and Kevin enjoy doing things together. Love you all lots, Susan, Namie and U.D.

Paula said...

I love how you have made such GREAT use of the is a perfect playroom...sounds like alot of creative activity is going on. These are such fun favorite!
I love how you steer them away from the TV and computer....they need the good old-fashioned play time.
Love to all!