Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We go through this every year....... what kind of activities should we have the boys in?  Last Spring Kevin was busy with the Peter Pan play and T-Ball.  Zach has only ever been in a music class and we haven't done that for almost a year now.  He keeps asking, "When are we going to my music class again?"  The reason I didn't sign up again is because the last couple of times we went all he would do is sit on my lap.  I figured he could sit on my lap and listen to music at home if he really wanted to.  Kevin has announced that he is, "Retired from plays", and unfortunately we were not able to get him on a t-ball team this year, at least not for sure.   So now we are back to thinking about what activities the boys want to be in.  Or maybe they are fine just hanging out at home.
I know a lot of other families where the kids are involved in so many activities that the family hardly has any time at home.  Garrett and I agree that it is good for the boys to be involved in something, but I just don't know how much is too much.   I can't say they always are just hanging out at home, after all, they both are in AWANA, Kevin is in cub scouts and in Spirit Team.  Zach is in preschool three days a week and that seems to be plenty for him.  So why is there that feeling like we should be doing more?  Today Zach and I had a nice morning of hanging around the house.  We did puzzles, played outside, and on top of all that, I got the garage semi-cleaned out!   I think as the boys get older and have more of a strong interest in things, they will be more interested in doing activities with friends.  For now, we will just keep going with what we are doing.   

Ahhhhh, they grow up so fast!


Geraldine said...

Hi Tasha!
You know how I feel about that... I don't think our kids really need all those activities unless they are the ones asking for them.
I totally agree with you when you say that, as the boys grow, they'll find things and activities they want to do. Right now, I'm sure they benefit even more from staying home after school and doing puzzles with you. So many kids lack that down time with their parents & you should be proud to be giving that to Kevin and Zach!

Sandy said...

Tasha, you and Garrett are wonderful parents. Kevin and Zach are so blessed to have you both. I know from my teaching days that parents often have their children involved in so many things, the children don't have time to be just kids.
Joe and I send our love.

Mom said...

Good Morning Tasha,
The other question you need to ask besides what are the boys really interested in doing, is what do you want to be doing with your time? Signing up for just one activity each involves time commitment from you for the actual activity in addition to drive time to and from.

I agree with you that many children are so over-scheduled, that they have no time to just play, dream, create,think and talk to you.

You and Garrett are doing a great job with Kevin and Zach. Your days sound very busy with all kinds of various activities without even being involved in one more thing! So don't feel pressured into signing up for things unless the activity really beckons to you and the child. There will be plenty of time in the future for teams,
clubs,classes and Mom's taxi service!

Just enjoy this time that you have them around you at home, because that time will diminish quickly in the coming years. I speak from experience....

Well, we have sunshine, so I'm going walking before the rain comes again.

Love you, Mom

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Sometimes just playing with friends and having beach day's and time at great aunt/uncle and Namies house ( :) ) can be fun adventure's without the pressure of being here or there. Also signing up for a fun summer day camp for Kevie and Zachie would be fun. PLUS they have the wonderful pool. Anyway a few thought's. Love you all

Paula said...

Hi Tasha,
I think "less" is more! Especially for little Zach..he needs mommy time at home which you are so good at giving him. I love Awanas and Cub Scouts...they offer so much. Each child is so different and some older kids really love being part of a sports team and some enjoy taking an instrument or an art class. It has to come from the child and be good for the whole family.
Listen to your instincts..mothers know best! :)
Love, Paula xo

Tasha Riley said...

Thanks for all your comments. Makes me feel like we are doing the right things.

GEKALOLI said...

It seems that children are so overstimulated these days. Some look like zombies being carted from one activity to the next. Like you, I decided life must slow down. We enrolled Logan in soccer last fall. He had a great time and the kiddos were fun to watch. But I think one organized activity a season is our limit. I also don't want to feel rushed. The kids and I have just as much fun on a lazy hike or tumbling down a snow hill. They'll feel rushed enough in their later years. Now I just love to listen to them laugh and relax.