Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Bear Chair

We've been doing some rearranging around here.   Making the house more of a mess in my opinion, but it will all be worked out someday.  Anyway, one of the things we are considering is moving a t.v. into Kevin's room for the Smart Cycle and videos instead of having it in the office, where there is literally no more room.  So I mentioned to Kevin that we would need to move some things around and maybe "get rid of some things".  One of those precious things I mentioned happened to be his Bear Chair that he got for his first birthday
He is obviously too big to really sit in it now.  Both boys like to do flips over it and run and jump into it, but usually it just is there taking up space in his room.  I guess I did not know how attached Kevin is to this chair though, because when I mentioned putting a t.v. in his room (which I thought he'd be excited about) and moving the bear chair out he threw himself on the floor crying like there's no tomorrow.  Poor guy, I felt so bad that I said we could just move some his other things around and keep the chair if it meant that much to him.  
So I have yet to buy the stand and move the t.v.  There's just so much stuff everywhere I look I have become overwhelmed with the thought of moving things around again.  I guess one thing is for sure though, THE BEAR CHAIR STAYS PUT!


Grandma Dee said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes, Tasha. I remember being at Toys R Us and having bought a ton of items for his birthday. As I was going towards the checkout stand, I saw the bear and thought, "Oh, Kevin just has to have this chair!" I remember all of the cute pix of him in it and just spending time with him in Ventura and seeing him sit in the chair and he looked so small. Then, it moved to Bakersfield and was in the corner in the living room. I swear he even sat in it when Zach came home from the hospital. I think it is my favorite gift we ever got him. I am so glad he is attached to it. Someday it can go up to Mammoth to live with the other bears, if Kevin wants.
Love you!

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

How great that Kevin has such an attachment to the bear chair. There are so many special moment's that I still hold onto from my childhood. Needless to say I have the chair that my Dad played "giant squid" and hid behind this very special chair. It is in the rafter's of our garage and Dennis would like to perhaps move it on but it bring's me to tears (like Kevin) to get rid of such a special time of joy in my life. We all need to hold onto special moment's. Love you all