Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Our first Pinewood Derby......and we survived.  We only had a minor meltdown, but Kevin was willing to come back in and watch the races again after he realized that each car got to race three times.  The variety of cars was really amazing and it was fun to watch the boys cheer each other on.  The biggest trophy went to the boy with the best sportsmanship at the end of all the races.  I thought that was great!  Here are the pictures I got from yesterday's event:


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Wow, Kevin we loved seeing your very cool car!! It sounds like it was lot's of fun at the pinewood derby. AND the In N Out truck being there after the derby must have been great and yummy. They are my favorite cheeseburger's. I have been eating them for probably 45+ years................simply the BEST. Zachie you looked sooooooo cute with your In N Out hat on. I bet you had a fun day too. Love to all

Paula said...

Kevin, I loved your car! I bet you had alot of fun making it! I remember Uncle Mike had one one year that was the Green Bay Paker colors and one year it was a hot dog on a truck! :) It's not that important if you win...just have FUN and maybe cheer on a buddy that is in your troop that makes it.
You guys are SO lucky...we never had In N Out at our events. Their burgers are the BEST! :)
Lot of love to all, Grami xo

Grandma Dee said...


What fun to race a car that you painted all by yourself. You are such a good artist and a good Cub Scout! I bet it was fun watching all of the cars race and then to get to have an In N Out burger afterwards. Nothing better than that.

You are so lucky to have Daddy, and Mommy and Zach all come to watch you and your troop race.

I cannot wait to see it on Saturday. Please bring it with you.

Grandma Dee