Thursday, January 10, 2008

Never Ending Holiday

As much as I love vacation, I am ready to get back to our normal routine.  As much as I dislike the morning routine of getting ready for school, I LOVE having a schedule.  Kevin has had three weeks off of school and will finally be heading back on Monday.  We have been busy almost the entire time so it has gone by quickly.  My mindset has been vacation mode though, which has included eating everything I want and not running nearly as much.  I am ready to start kicking my own booty again!  I told myself I would start up again on the 1st and now look at me 10 days into January and I am still on vacation......enough is enough.
One good thing that has come out of all of our free time is that the boys have started bonding more.  Of course they are still fighting several times throughout the day, but now they are really learning to play well together also.  We went to the park today and although there were other kids there that we knew, Kevin and Zach mostly continued playing with each other.  They make up games, stories, and plays.  Kevin is mostly the director of what should happen next, but Zach throws out some good ideas too.  It's nice to see them truly having fun together.  There is nothing better to me than hearing them cracking each other up!  And another plus side to all of this.....they aren't constantly needing me as a playmate!
Kevin reading to Zach (all on their own)
So tomorrow, I WILL go to work, I WILL go for a run, and I WILL eat well.  It's never too late to start again.


Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

First of all Namie, Sandy and I had such a great time with the boy's yesterday. And Zach wanting me to take him to pre-school in the morning was such a special treat for me. He school is great and it is so much fun to go to his classroom and meet his teacher and see the other kids in his class. He was soooooooo cute. Kevin enjoyed his trip to the hotel to pick up Namie and Sandy. He loved the plastic keys to the room and was very happy to take one for he and Zach so they could have their on keys to their rooms. Our time with both the boys is just the greatest!!

I know what you mean about getting back into a routine. Our meatball sandwich splurge on New Years day was suppose to be IT for yummies. But here it is the 10th of Jan. and I am still eating like there is no tomorrow. I have been back into my power walks a little bit but not enough to shed the pounds I have put on. Tomorrow is another day but then Sandys birthday is Sat. and that means more yummies and of course cake!!

Love you all

Jen said...

Oh, I am the schedule queen. Can't seem to get sane without a schedule!
What am I getting myself into???? Starting next Friday I won't have a schedule for months and months and months!
Ahhh, the joys of a newborn!

Mom said...

I remember when Graham would crawl into your crib early in the morning to entertain you and "read" to you so that we could sleep in a little longer. It's so nice to see the boys enjoying playing with each other.

Well, Monday is the beginning of our healthy changes. We're going to lunch with Grandma's great niece on Sunday, and then THAT'S ALL FOLKS! NO MORE JUNK.
Seeing Heather's Mom just shocked me....she's so little.... that I thought I ought to be able to do something! But she's a great example of what exercise will do. So good luck to all of us!It's never too late!
Love you, Mom

Grami said...

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Grami said...

I wrote a comment and lost it in cyperspace! What I said was how wonderful that the boys are enjoying each other's company and enjoying playing with each other. It is the BEST when two sons get along so well. I know the boys will continue to grow their friendship as the years go on. Garrett and Matt have such a great friendship with each other.

I can relate to what you were saying about eating right and exercising. I have purged the house and the gym has been seeing my body more this week! :) I have alot of hard work ahead of me this month.
Love you all, Paula