Monday, January 14, 2008

Juicin' It Up

Here's my latest attempt at getting more vitamins into my day.  I got a Juicer for Christmas from my parents.  I know that it was all the rage about 10 years ago to juice everything..... so now I am just about 10 years behind, but I love it!  So far I've tried regular apple juice, apple/pear, apple/carrot, and pear/tangerine juice.  I'm not sure about the vegetable juicing but at least the carrots taste good.
And look how much orange juice I can make in a few months....our tree is packed this year!
The boys are back at school and I am back to MY MONDAY.  So I better get going before I get sucked into the computer time warp and it is time to pick up the boys again.


Mom said...

Wow, the tree looks beautiful. Now let's just hope there isn't a hard frost!

D-Day (diet day) starts for us today, after KFC and California Cheesecake at Grandma's great niece's yesterday. Our local radio station, KZST, is doing a "lose your booty" contest and although we're not on the official teams, we're getting serious,again...

Glad you like the juicer!
Love, Mom

Rochelle Gregori said...

Well, Tina and I just had green juice at our friends house yesterday. It was Kale, Spinach,and banana with a little Dole concentrate. Not bad at all cuz the banana mellows it out. I guess yellow mellows! But today, I have the stinkest farts ever!! Ha Ha.

Grandma Dee said...

I remember when Bob and I were juicing alot. Actually, if you have a lot of carrots, you do turn orange, also, has a lot of sugar. I loved the vege juice we made. I added tomatoes to mine to give it more zip, also some celery. What a great idea for the juicer with all your "local" oranges.

Glad to hear you say that you go into a computer time warp. I don't know where the time goes when you are sitting in front of it. It just seems like an hour passes as though it were a minute.

Tasha Riley said...

Rochelle, you'd be the only one to be so honest!