Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Trettin!

So, after all the whining I did on Friday, I woke up on Saturday to no rain.  I quickly got the boys ready and we headed up north.  Turns out we were able to make it all the way there with just about an hours worth of rain and the trip wasn't bad at all.  I got to see my friends on Saturday night, with all the kids, and no electricity!  It's always fun to get together with old friends and especially to see how all the kids change.  To me, my friends and I always look the same as I last remember them, but the kids you can really tell how time is passing.
Then on Sunday we had a total of 22 people at my parents house to celebrate my Grandma's 92nd birthday.  I love seeing all the relatives and even though I am not the most talkative person I still love listening to all the stories and catching up on all of their lives.
We drove back today and thanks to my cousin Kelly I have pictures to share.  I didn't even get my camera out the whole time, so here are just a few from the party.  No pictures of my friends unless one of the sends me some.  
Zach was the present delivery boy.
The whole gang, minus Kelly and my dad, the photographers.  We eventually got a tri-pod, but I don't have any of those pictures yet.
I'm so glad I was able to make it.  I would have been bummed out all weekend if it had kept pouring like predicted.  Anyway, now back home, safe and sound, and the house still needs to be cleaned.  Life goes on.....I just hope I live a happy, healthy life like my Grandma!


Rochelle said...

Do you know how surprised I was when you made it to Santa Rosa? I was so excited. I'm so glad I got to see you and the kids. Where did Zach come from? He definitly can dance! He should have been my kid. Cutie Batootie! Thanks for always being such a commited friend and always making the effort to get us friends together.

Grandma Dee said...


I am so glad that you were able to make it. I am sure your friends were ecstatic to see you, as I know your family was.

And, OH MY Gosh! Is that Cody in the front row of the fam pic? He has gotten so tall. I kept looking in the pic for him, and realized that must be him. Yes, the children keep growing up and don't we grown-ups keep looking the same!?

Love ya, Denise