Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Break From The Rain

It's been raining all week, or maybe it just seems that way.  Either way, we've gotten a lot of rain and it was supposed to continue with another storm through the weekend.  Thankfully the weatherman was wrong and it is blue skies and sunny, for now.  Nice enough for me to get outside for a run this morning.  I did not go with the group though, I was just not feeling up to it (excuses, excuses).  Where I run is right next to a "dry creek bed".  This morning it was flowing with a ton of muddy water.  I have never seen water in it like this since we've been here.  

Today the cub scouts have there annual Pinewood Derby.  Basically you start with a kit that contains a block of wood, four nails for the axels, and four wheels.  Then you are supposed to shape it to look like whatever you want, paint it and decorate it to make it your unique car.  Some parents, I have heard, really get into it and talk about getting the maximum speed and making sure the car is aerodynamic.....blah, blah, blah. Garrett got some help from our neighbor, since we have very few tools around here. We'll see how it goes soon enough.  Kevin is very excited and I hope that he keeps in mind that is supposed to be fun and that we don't have a meltdown if his car is not the fastest.  He painted his car to look like Lightning McQueen from Cars.  And for all of you that bought popcorn from Kevin this year, a majority of  the sales profits go towards this event, with the In-N-Out burger truck there with food for us all!  I will put pictures up from it tomorrow.  

And here are some pictures from Kevin's latest project that he was working on last weekend.  His Lego Spongebob that he got from Nana on his 6th birthday.    Kevin and Lauren put it together when he got it, but Kevin had since took it all apart.  He also mixed some of the pieces with his huge container of Lego pieces, so I was the one looking through all those pieces for the many tiny pieces he needed to complete it.  But he was able to do most of the actual putting together and following directions on his own, which was a big improvement from when he did it the first time.
Kevin took the pictures but said he didn't want to put them on his own blog.  So I am showing off for him.....


Paula said...

Kevin, WOW...your Lego is beautiful and I can tell you put alot of hard work into it! I love legos, because kids can be so creative with them.
The Pinewood Derby brings back so many memories. I just got up to see if Mike still has all of his in his room. Nope, I think they finally got put away in a box to save! I think all of the boys have participated in this fun event..I remember Garrett racing his when we lived in Redondo and I'm pretty sure Matt has a few, too!
These are precious times...we are excited to see a picture of what he races or the real thing!! It is awesome how both of you are so involved and supportive of all of the boy's activites. They are blessed to have you and Garrett (the Den Chief!!)as parents.
Love to all! xo

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

It sounds like another fun day with the Riley clan. Can't wait to see Kevins car and hear how the race was AND the In N Out burger mobile. The Lego is incredible. Kevin is sooooooooooo patient I cannot imagine doing that. Glad you had a good run today, Tasha and the weather cleared for you. We actually have only received 1 inch for these storms. They just seem to go around this area. The skies are darkening now and I am hoping that we get some good rain. I will hope for all of you that you get a bit less as it sounds like you have had a bunch. I am so happy you mentioned Kevins blog. For some unknown reason I didn't realize that he actually had his own. I think I thought it was a one time post. Sooooooooo I posted something on it as I feel badly that I didn't realize he had his very own. I hope he gets alot of people leaving him messages. Give BIG HUGS and love to Kevin and Zach and of course you and Garrett too. Love you all