Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remember This?

Remember back in November I was talking about our plans to get rid of the play room and turn it into an actual dining room?  Well, we cleared out the area for our Christmas dinner and left it cleared out ever since, but had nothing to put there.  As of this morning, we have this as our dining room!
Better, huh?  Thanks to Bob and Denise we now have this nice set that used to be in Mammoth.  Now we just need to have some friends over to use it! And all the toys from the playroom have been in the garage.....the boys don't even miss them.    

In other news, we had a nice three day weekend. A week back in school and then a day off already.  Kevin worked all day on a lego project that I am pretty sure he is going to put on his blog, so I wont show what it is.  Then at the end of the day the boys had some fun in a bubble bath.  Do we ever get too old for these pictures?

This is Kevin's rocker look.  He can't just look into the camera and smile anymore.
Today, Zach and I have spent the past couple of hours at Walmart doing our grocery shopping for the week.   It never ceases to amaze me how much this family can go through.  Shopping always takes longer than I plan on.  Maybe because I don't make a list and am always remembering something that we forgot on the other end of the store.  Plus, Zach is too big for the cart now so I am constantly asking him to stay by me and telling him where we are going next.  But, it's done now and the rest of the day should go by smoothly.  The rain we were having has stopped and is actually getting sunny, so maybe we can have some outside playtime this afternoon.


Grami said...

Wow, the dining room looks SO great! You will really enjoy using it. It can also double as a quiet place for Kevin's homework projects or a sometime scrapbooking spot for you!
The pictures of the boys are ADORABLE...especially Zach the bubble man. :)

Karen said...

It's such a wonderful feeling to have an organized house. We are currently de-cluttering our home as well. It's amazing how much stuff a family can accumulate in two years. We still have unopened boxes from our Texas move. Not quite sure what these boxes contain however can't be too important after being absent from our lives for two years. Congratulations on your beautiful new dining room!

Linnea said...

"can we go swimming with Kevin and Zach again?"

Mom said...

I can't believe how beautiful the dining room looks! Now you've got a good excuse to invite some friends over for a real meal around the new table.

Lists sure make it easier to shop, esp. when you start forgetting what you actually came to the store for!Duh!

You know that I'm a list-maker from way back, and still depend on that to get me through the store and home, with the necessary purchases.
Try it. You might like it!
Love you, Mom

Sandy said...

The dining room looks BEAUTIFUL. You did a great job.
The pictures of the boys are adorable.
Love Sandy and Namie

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

The dining room looks great. It looks like the table and chairs fit perfectly. Along with your hutch everything looks super!!

Oh that Kevie and Zachie are the cutest!! I especially like Zachs bubble beard and Kevies scary rocker look. How fun!! Love you all

Grandma Dee said...

It looks like the table and chairs were made for your dining room. It looks so much more beautiful there than in Mammoth. And the hutch is just perfect with it. So glad we could share it with you. The pine hutch was the first thing we bought for our house after we got married.
Hugs and love,