Monday, December 3, 2007

Because I Just Couldn't Wait

So here's what our lights look like.  I hung them up today, by myself.  Since we didn't get it done over the weekend and Garrett is away for work now, I just wanted it done.  You will notice I did not get them hung off of the roof as I wanted, but I figured that would not be a safe feat on my own.  I am definitely NOT a perfectionist in some areas.  (no more discussion on this controversial subject)
Speaking of Garrett being away...... the joys of technology have allowed the boys to talk to AND see their dad over the computer both last night and tonight.  We have been using iChat to talk to him and the boys love it.  Much better, for them, than talking on the phone.  I rather prefer the phone, so I don't have to look at myself in the corner of the computer while I am talking.  Can't really get up and walk around with iChat either (well, unless you have the laptop.)  
Also, another thing I've noticed when Garrett's away is that I am always getting the boys to bed earlier.  Maybe because I am that much more ready for some time to myself.  I shouldn't be complaining though.  I had all morning to myself today and I spent it shopping.  Not running, not cleaning the house, not grocery shopping..... I went shopping for Christmas stuff and for myself.  Yes, I finally got to use one of the gift certificates that I got for my birthday!  I did pick up Zach right after lunch though instead of having him stay for nap.  I feel guilty leaving him there when I am not working.  Especially since he doesn't ever take naps at home.  Anyway, the boys are not in bed yet tonight, so it's time for me to go read some stories to them.  


Garrett said...

And if you want to use IChat and be cool like us...just purchase any new apple computer!!

Grandma Dee said...

Garrett, I would love to be cool (but I think I already am)and get an Apple product, but I am happy using what I have. Maybe next year I will tackle that. However, I mostly need the "Word" for hopefully writing more.
Tasha, I love your new "blob" format. Very creative. You are getting so good on the computer. Love the job you did on the lights. I may do that, too. But, Bob does it so well. Want to get them done before Namie comes up here this week. Get lots of sleep while Garrett is gone. Love to you all.

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Great job Tasha on the lights.........they look great, along with the inside. Glad you were able to use your birthday gift certs. for yourself today. And what a great Mom to want to pick up Zach before you really needed too today. Again you and Garrett are the best parents!! I loved it when Kevie saw the video that Garrett was showing Namie and me yesterday and Kevin asked Garrett if he could make a video too. Garrett said so nicely............."absolutely Kevin I would love to show you how to do it and will when I get back from Visalia." You two are gold medal parents, indeed.

I love your new computer and would love one just like it myself. What a wonderful world we live in. Love you all

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the lights! :) I like your new look on the site!

Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

Way to go on the lights! I love the new look of the blog! Very fancy! I am impressed! - Melissa