Thursday, December 27, 2007


 I forgot the camera!  So there are no cute pictures to look at, but I will tell you that the boys looked awfully cute in their snow clothes.  We went out on the golf course this morning to find a little sledding hill.  We were checking things off of Kevin's list of things to do today.
1.  Go sledding
2.  Make snow angels
3.  Build a snow man
4. Have a snow ball fight
5.  Play in the snow

We accomplished the first two on the list.  We tried to make a snowman but it wasn't good snowman making snow today.  Then Zach was attacked by a cute puppy that was running around and he was ready to go in.  We'll have to go back out later to check the other things off the list.  So now we are back inside where it's warm and the boys had some hot chocolate.  Garrett has been out on the slopes since 9:00 and we are awaiting his call to go pick him up.  He's offered for me to go out tomorrow morning but I'm not much for skiing alone.  It has been beautiful all morning though, after we got snow last night.  There are some clouds coming in and maybe we will just get dumped on!

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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Sounds like you are having a GREAT time in Mammoth. A well deserved family vacation for you all. Sounds like it was a "bluebird" day today however a bit chilly on the slopes according to Garrett. I do hope that you will go and get a few runs in tomorrow Tasha. According to the webcam you may be getting quite a bit of snow tonight and tomorrow. Should make it a bit easier for making snow angels with the boys. Know that you will have a great time. Our love to you all. xoxoxox

Give big hugs to Kevin and Zach.