Monday, December 10, 2007

The Beginnings of a Busy Week

Yesterday the boys were in a little Christmas singing performance at church.  Kevin did well, standing up on the risers and singing what he knew of the songs (until he saw Grandpa and decided it was more fun to act silly than sing).  Zach we could barely see because they had all the little ones sit down in front.  He told us afterwards that he wasn't singing anyway.  This was the first of our many activities this week.  Tonight Zach has another performance at his preschool and we'll see if he'll sing at this one.  We were remembering last night about Kevin's first preschool Christmas performance when all the kids were standing up front, the room was silent, and Kevin from the stage yells, "Mom, after were done singing, we get cookies!"  It was so cute and everyone laughed.  I highly doubt Zach will be yelling anything tonight.

The little girl that Kevin is standing next to is one of his many girlfriends.  They went to preschool together and now see eachother at AWANA and church.  Last year we were going somewhere that she was going to be and Kevin said, "I'm gonna see my cutie pie tonight!"

I found this picture on my camera this morning.  I think the boys were having some fun with the camera!

p.s. Thanks for all the great suggestions of songs.  I'm gonna have such the cool playlist!

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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I heard that Kevin was crossing his arms and making funny faces with Bobby at the Christmas program. I remember that from last year. At one point Namie wasn't clapping and right after they finished a song he said "Namie you are suppose to be clapping." Kevie certainly isn't bashful in front of alot of people. He is to funny. I did hear that you could barely see Zach as all the younger kids were not that visible. Zach is to funny as well saying that he didn't sing anyway. Any bets on whether he will sing tonight. He definately will sing when and if he wants to, I am sure. They are both the BEST!! Kevins comment on his cutie pie is a kick.