Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Memories

I've been thinking of Christmases past and thought I would share some of the memories that have come to mind.
People always ask what's the best Christmas gift you've ever gotten.  I don't have a great memory when it comes to down to it.  My friends Vicki and Rochelle remember everything and when they ask me, "Remember when...." I often times can't remember any of it.  Anyway, I do remember the Christmas I got a hamster.  Both my brother and I got one and I loved it.  I keep waiting for Kevin or Zach to ask for one because I would love to have another one.....but they'll be the ones cleaning out the cage.  So, we got hamsters and the best part was when the hamster got one of the chocolate balls that were in my stocking and ate it tin foil and all.  It had a huge ball stuffed into it's cheek.  
Another Christmas, at least I think it was Christmas,  (and correct me if I am wrong, mom) but was when my brother had a paper route so we went out to deliver the paper before opening presents.  At the time we had a van and in order to speed up the process my mom drove us around from house to house, with the van door open and then my brother or I would hop out and put the paper in the box or throw it in the driveway.  Well, that morning we went around the first corner and out goes Tasha, rolling out of the van door and into a least that's how I remember it.   (I didn't say it was a good memory!)
I also have lots of good memories of going up to my Grandma and Grandpa Trettin's house in Oregon.  I used to love playing the piano there and sleeping upstairs in the room where my Aunt Sharon and Aunt Kathy grew up.  I would go through their old things.  I loved it when it would snow for Christmas!  I even loved it when it would snow on the way there, although I am sure that my parents did not.
I loved caroling around our neighborhood with my dad playing guitar.  What I love about it now, is that it was part of our neighborhood's tradition, and I looked forward to it.  I loved that our caroling group grew as we got to know more neighbors and that it was during a time when that caroling was cool (or maybe it wasn't, I just thought it was).  
My first year in college my roommate Michelle and I wanted a real Christmas tree for our room.  Neither of us had a car, so we took the bus to the mall, bought a little tree, brought the tree back to the dorm on the bus and set it all up in our room.  It turned out that we couldn't even keep it though because we didn't get it fire proofed, but it is an adventure I will never forget.
And I can't leave out Garrett and my first Christmas being married when he so lovingly got me a huge can of bread mix......and that's it!  Christmas gifts can only get better when you have that as a starting point, right?
Now that I am parent I am trying to make lots of memories for the boys.  I am trying to remind myself that it's not all about the toys because those things will be forgotten probably by next year.  I am excited to get to spend a week in Mammoth after Christmas this year and do lots of fun things in the snow.  I am excited that they enjoy decorating so much and I hope it lasts for years and years.  I am excited that Kevin and I get to see the Nutcracker, as it will be a first for both of us.  I am excited just because they are excited about everything!
And now it's sharing time, what's your favorite Christmas memory?


k said...

You went through my old things??
Another similarity of yours and mine is that I forget a lot of details in those "remember when" stories....they could be making them up for all I know! I do remember one Christmas when Grandpa Trettin was making a whole $1000 a month, because he would go to Nevada and work on the testing site. Sharon and I got "new" bikes, and each of the boys got a $100 bill. It was a lot for the times (about 1961),and the boys were all emotional. After we moved to Oregon, I always liked when the family would get together on the farm......I think we all have the most fond memories there. My kids don't remember it as much, since they were very young, but we have proof in pictures and video, so to help know their past. I remember one time when Larry began playing his guitar for us to sing carols, Brian got right next to him and watched his fingers, and would look up at him and back to the strings. Now Brian can play the guitar and has sung in a band. Stacy could sing, and carry a good tune, since she was tiny. Now she won't sing when we want her to. We need to get together again for one of those big Christmases with the whole family, sitting around singing carols, while Grandma can still enjoy it, don't you think?
Love, Aunt Kathy

k said...
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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

I would say one of my most memorable Christmas gifts was when I was about 10 years old. I had wanted a dressing table with a mirror. They were pretty expensive in those days so I didn't really think I would get it. Well on Christmas morning I woke up to the most beautiful dressing table with a stand up 3 way mirror. My Dad had made the table and a chair. And my Mom had made the most beautiful pink skirt to go around it. I can still see it to this was the best!!! Being homemade by my Mom and Dad made it that much more special. The way I keep on to treasures like that I can't believe that I didn't keep that. Another wonderful thing I remember about Christmas when I was younger is much like yours Tasha as far as caroling. We had 70 kids on our block and the next door neighbor had this really big flatbed truck that we all climbed into and went around the different streets and sang Christmas carole'. After that it was back to the neighbor's house for some yummy hot chocolate with marshmellow's!! In later year's being with family at Christmas is always so special. And watching Garrett and Matt get so excited about Christmas and gift's and seeing the sparkle eyes light up when they were surprised with one gift of another will always stay with me. And now with Zach and Kevie we get to see it all over again. The excitement of children when they are young over Christmas is just the greatest joy to see. I will have to check with Namie and Dennis on what their favorite memories of Christmas have been. Love you all, Susan

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Since Namie can't pick up your blog on web tv she asked me to share with you her favorite Christmas as a little girl. Namie has always had a love for reading books. When she was a little girl Namie, her father and her sister lived with her father's mother (also called Namie) for a few years after Namies Mother died at a young age. One Christmas all she wanted for a present were books. She really didn't think that she would get them. However on Christmas morning she awoke to a pile of 10 books under the Christmas tree!! She said it was the best gift she could have received. She also wanted me to say the best gift she receives not just at Christmas but all year long is the wonderful, loving family she has. She feels very blessed.

Grandma Dee said...

My favorite Christmas memories were twofold. One was when my Grandpa (mom's dad) made me a huge doll house for my Barbie doll. He had just had a heart attack, but he got up and made me this incredible doll house. It was about 5 feet by 3 feet and took up much of my bedroom. I remember it meant so much to me because my grandpa made it for me, even though he was sick. My next favorite memory was when I was about 10 years old and I asked for a blue bike for Christmas. Mom got it from Sears but it was green. It shifted gears by pushing back on the pedals instead of being the blue one I asked for in 3-speed. Sears was super late in delivering it. I remembered that Santa left me a note about my bike up at Aunt Johanna's. I was really disappointed because Joanie got hers at Christmas. I can still remember standing in my driveway with it. I was wearing a mint green two piece outfit trimmed in white rick rack. I had the skinniest legs in a big wide swirl skirt. Seeing is believing. I loved that my Aunt Johanna spent every Christmas with us.
Grandma Dee