Sunday, December 2, 2007


The weekend flew by, like Santa and his reindeer.  We did a lot of decorating around the house, we got our tree, but we did not hang the lights outside yet......we still have time, right?  The boys had a lot of fun getting all of the decorations out.  We stayed in our p.j.s most of the day while decorating, until about 4:30 when we finally went out to get the tree.  The past two years we've gone to a place just around the corner from us where they have a christmas tree farm.  The first year we even cut our own tree down, no actually the guy there did it for us.  Anyway, it was a fresh cut tree.  Last year the ones that were growing just didn't look very attractive so we bought one that was pre-cut and trucked in from who knows where and we paid too much for it.  So this year, I suggested Home Depot.  By the time we finally got out the door I was feeling done with decorating but I really wanted the tree.  We took a whole five minutes, maybe less choosing a tree, had the guys wrap it up and we threw it in the back of the van.  Not the picture perfect way of getting a tree, but it worked for us, and now the tree looks beautiful all decorated and lit up!
Here are some highlights from the weekend!

This thing is gonna be gone way before Christmas!

In addition to all the fun on Saturday, Susan and Namie came up today and watched the boys while Garrett and I got to go on "a date".  We don't do dates often so we didn't even know what to do with ourselves.  We were going to see a movie, but I didn't think I would like any of the ones that were playing.  So we ended up going for a nice hike.  There are so many trails around here.  Next time I am going back to the same place and doing the 6 mile one.  Today we just went 2.  The boys had fun making some wreaths for us while we were gone!

I didn't think to bring the camera, but Garrett is never without his iPhone so we got these from our hike.


Grandma Dee said...

What a treat to get up this morning and see all the pictures from Sunday. Looks and sounds like you had a very special weekend. I love how you pick out Christmas trees. I do it exactly the same way and at Home Depot. No sense in wasting a lot of time picking out the tree when you could be decorating it. For me, choosing a single tree at a tree lot reminds me of going to a dog shelter. I feel badly choosing only one, I want to take them all home with me and I cry thinking that some of the trees or dogs won't be chosen. Silly, but that's how I feel. To date, I have never been to a dog shelter. I think I would just sob at their sweet little faces. I am tearing up right now while I type this. Hmmm, aren't we supposed to be hap-hap-happy at Christmas time? My favorite holiday of all!
Grandma Dee

Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Love all the pictures!! Namie and I, as always had a great time with Kevin and Zach!!! They were so excited to show us their Christmas tree (the family one and then of course each of theirs) and all the decorations in the house. It was soooooooooo cute to see their faces light up when they were showing Namie and I everything. By the way your tree is beautfiul. I loved the fact the both Kevin and Zach each showed us their specials ornaments on the tree. And what fun we had making the wreaths. Both boys wanted to make theirs they way they thought it should look. They were both different and both cute. We enjoyed seeing you and Garrett too, as always. And of course dinner at Mimi's was delicious and fun. Kevin was very funny when he said he thought that they should change the dirt and worm dessert to something else as he is kind of tired of it. Zach still likes his though. Anyway way to long on comments but wanted to let you know how great it was. Love to all