Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa's Workshop

This little elf is gettin' busy.  I can't believe that Christmas is next week.  I don't even know what I've bought for the kids.  Seriously, I go to store, buy a bunch of stuff and then forget about it and end up buying too much in the end.  I have to take inventory before I go out again.  
Today I have almost the entire day to myself.  Garrett and Zach went to Disneyland with Grami and Papa.  We all wanted to go but Kevin has an extra practice for his little school performance this afternoon.  So I am here checking things off my list.  I don't really make a list, which is why I end up not knowing what I still have to do.  
It is strange though going into store with no purse and just cash in my pocket. Obviously, I haven't bought a new purse yet but I guess I'm not in a hurry since I literally have nothing to fill it with!  New things keep coming to mind about what was in my purse.  The worst things that I lost were gift cards that were from my birthday!  I guess next time I need to go spend them right away...... The nutcracker tickets were in there too, but luckily we have an in, with our neighbor being in the ballet,  so Kevin and I were able to still go and enjoy that on Saturday.  It was so cute.   Because I had never seen it before Kevin kept explaining to me what was going on.  The concept of whispering did not occur to him though!  
Ok, gotta get back to doing as much as I can before my "me time" is up!

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Susan, Namie & Captain Trouble said...

Oh my gosh I hope there weren't alot of your gift cards in your purse TAsha. I know you mentioned that you had gone shopping and used some of them awhile ago, I hope so. I feel just awful for you. BUT thank heavens you weren't hurt. "things" can always be replaced but not loved ones. I hope you accomplish alot today. I am feeling the same squeeze. I can't believe Christmas is a little over a week away. I haven't even sent all my cards yet. Oh well somehow it all seems to come together in the end. Can't wait to see you all. Love you, Susan